A game in a quiet place could learn from Alien: isolation

An A Quiet Place-based video game that takes inspiration from Alien: Isolation could be an exciting way to expand the universe.

The success of John Krasinski’s sleeper in 2018 A quiet place surprised the most with its success, even spawning a much anticipated sequel that’s about to be released. Its principle is simple: if you make noise, you die. In the world of A quiet place, deadly creatures have wreaked havoc, hunting by sound alone and killing countless people. This setup of an almost impossible-to-kill monster stalking humans who must remain silent is similar to Sega’s 2014 game. Alien: Isolation.

Insulation was based on the iconic Extraterrestrial film franchise, expanding the story of the heroine Ellen Ripley. Considered one of the best video game adaptations of a movie or movie series, Alien: Isolation also provides a play setting that would be ideal for a A quiet place Title.

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In Insulation, players must navigate a large space station that has been ravaged by a xenomorph, using stealth and crafting to find a way to kill the creature and flee to safety. The alien focuses primarily on the protagonist using sound, which means players need to be careful and thorough. It’s a bit like, A quiet place which follows the struggles of a family trying to survive in a world where all kinds of noise brought up brings death. Aliens are also shown to be covered in some sort of organic armor and cannot be easily taken down.

The parallels are pretty clear. A game based on A quiet place could be set in that post-apocalyptic world set by the movies, but doesn’t need to focus on the existing characters. It could follow a whole new cast trying to carve lives out of this hellish setting.

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What A quiet place the game could take Alien: Isolation (alongside the sheer fear of avoiding an invincible alien who can kill the player in an instant) is the exceptional use of sound in the game. Not only do players have to beware of the noises they make, but they should also pay attention to the sounds around them, as they signal nearby threats. The alien can be heard crawling through the vents in the ceiling, and human enemies will talk to each other, indicating their position.

The gameplay should focus, not on fighting aliens, but rather on completing tasks and missions to advance the story, while avoiding confrontations. As Insulation, the game could also include other types of enemies, most likely other humans who formed factions in the power vacuum created by the destruction of the aliens.

Even in 2021, Alien: Isolation remains one of the best examples of how to take advantage of sound design and atmosphere in a video game. With A quiet place Posting soon and more universe-expanding content in the works, that would be a great time to explore this world away from the big screen in a medium that allows people to experience its tension and horror in a more immersive and practical way.

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