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I remember when I was secretary-treasurer of the Tehama County Junior Cattle Auction in the late 1960s and 1970s, and how excited we were when the auction brought in over $ 100,000 for the first time.

This year, the 253 silver-added prizes stood at $ 1,093,889.73 on May 20, including the additional $ 164,025.10 in dollars. Auctioneers Matt Wolters and Jake Parnell were on the auction block. What a generous community.

Last year we had a virtual sale because of the coronavirus, and the 283 lots brought in $ 705,769.50 as of May 20, 2020. In 2019, 305 lots brought in $ 906,319.75. In 2018, 339 lots brought in $ 860,000.

The 2021 Champions Sale: Beef – Grand Champion Steer, Samatha Prouty, Antelope 4-H at Traynham Ranches. Reserve Grand Champion, Colbie DeLong, Corning FFA at Firewater Supply, Inc. Reserve FFA Champion Amy Stroing, Red Bluff FFA at Firewater Supply, Inc. Reserve Champion 4-H, Brishen Schenk, Flournoy-Paskenta 4-H at Taco Bell. Champion beef prices ranged from $ 12 to $ 17 a pound.

Lambs – Grand Champion Lamb, Hayley Byrd, El Camino 4-H sold to Orland Livestock & Dudley’s Excavating. Last year Hayley’s Grand Champion Lamb was sold to Green Barn Whiskey Kitchen, and in 2018 her Grand Champion sold to Chico Nut Co. Reserve Grand Champion Lamb, Laney Parker, Red Bluff FFA at Shasta Farm Equipment & Green Barn Whiskey Kitchen. FFA Reserve Champion Kaylee King, FFA Red Bluff at Greg Long Ranch. Last year, King’s reserve champion was sold to Manda Olmstead. 4-H Reserve Champion Abigail Jauregui, Westside 4-H at Sierra Pacific Industries, and last year her Reserve Grand Champion sold to Outback Contractors. Prices for champion lambs ranged from $ 16 to $ 28 per pound.

Hogs – Grand Champion Swine, Jayden Byrd, El Camino 4-H at Firewater Supply, Inc. Last year the Grand Reserve Champion Jayden sold to Prouty Livestock Transportation, and the year before, Reserve Champion 4 -H from Byrd at Live Oak Ranch & Taco Bell. Reserve Grand Champion Swine August Kee, Corning 4-H at Lamb Unlimited General Engineering, All American Emergency. FFA champion Ally Schenk, independent from Harbert Roofing. Last year, the great Schenk champion was sold to Crystal Amen Photography. FFA Reserve Champion Yaneli Castellon, Los Molinos FFA at Green Barn Whiskey Kitchen. Prices for champion hogs ranged from $ 13 to $ 26 per pound.

Goats – Grand Champion Goat Harrison Hamre, El Camino 4-H at Les Scwab Tire. Last year Hamre’s reserve large was sold to Bob May Livestock, and the year before his reserve large was sold to Schwab Tire. Reserve Grand Champion Goat Hanna Hamre, Los Molinos FFA sold to Basin Enterprises. Last year its Grand Champion sold to Shasta Livestock Auction Yard, and the previous year its Grand Champion sold to Geveden Industrial. FFA Reserve Champion Ursula Perez Gutierrez, FFA Red Bluff to Tony & Janice Borchard. Cash Parker, 4-H Reserve Champion, Westside 4-H at Collins Enterprise. Prices for champion goats ranged from $ 16 to $ 30 per pound.

Rabbits – Grand Champion Pen of Three Justin Edwards, Los Molinos 4-H to Dave and Cindy Stroing. Reserve the Grand Champion Katie Junge Pen, Los Molinos 4-H for precise mower sharpening. Pen Ryan Coleman, FFA Champion, Corning FFA at Dagorret Trucking. Prices for the champion rabbit pens ranged from $ 55 to $ 165 per pound.

Broilers – Grand Champion Pen of Three Daniela Garcia, Los Molinos FFA at Staley Livestock. Reserve Grand Champion Pen Nataly Garcia, Los Molinos FFA to Franklin & Patrick Anderson. The prices for the champion chicken pens were $ 55 per pound. No chicken was sold in 2020.

The community is very generous as the average cash prices were incredible. A total of 44 steers cost an average of $ 8.18 per pound. I heard the cheapest was $ 4 and they weighed over 1000 pounds. A total of 21 lambs averaged $ 19 per pound 113 hogs averaged $ 13.88 lb. A total of 21 goats weighed an average of $ 22.84 lbs. A total of 10 rabbit pens averaged $ 82 lbs. A total of 8 chicken pens averaged $ 64.65 lbs.

Thanks to all listed buyers and complementary donors.

Custom A&R Butcher Shop, Accent Properties, Precise Mower Sharpening, Acorn Construction, Inc .; Adam Cox, Agricultural Land Investment Broker, All American Emergency Services, Alsco; Amaral, Michael and Stci, AMS Construction; Andersen, Franklin and Patrick; Anderson & Sons Shelling, Inc. Anonymous, Ardent Security, Arrowsmith & Sons, Clint & Karen Arrowsmith.

B & N Farming, Dennis & Rema Bagshaw, Basin Enterprises, Inc; Bell Carter Foods, Big Time Pest Control, Tony and Janice Borchard, Borror Brothers, Bianca Bradshaw, Brewer Construction, Brian Kiefer, Brian Stubbs Construction, Broken Arrow Pack Llamas, Brown Brothers Fencing, Don and Denae Brown, Emily, Dale and Kylke Brown , Tom and Holly Brown, Gordon and Leslie Bruce, Burlison Fruit Stand, Anthony Bushlow, By the River Assisted Living, Byrd Cattle Co.

Properties of C and C, C. Harris Hay Hauling, Cal Fire TGU Battalion Commanders, California Giant Berry Farms, California Trace, California Walnut Company, Inc; Camper Corral, Capex, Carbonell Chiropractic, Tina Cardin, Cardins Backhoe Service, Carlos Zapata Enterprise, Tom & Susy Carrier, Laurie Carter, Chad Parker, Bob, Beth, Mike Chaney, Charlie Mueller Trucking, CMP2 Orchards, HD & Anne Coelho, Tim & Lana Coenen, Coldwell Bankers, Collins Enterprises, Cornerstone Community Bank, Corning Chevrolet Buick, Corning Ford, Corning Lumber, Corning Mini Storage, Crain Ranch, Crain Walnut Shelling, Inc. Crown Motors, Crown Nursery.

Dagorret Orchards, Dagorret Trucking, Christine Daniel, Mike Dausse, Dusty & Shanna deBraga, Shannel Delaloza, Clara DeLong, TC Supervisor Dennis Garton, Robert Dillon & Janna Munk, Patty Dovey, Driscoll Strawberries, Mitchell & Courtney Drury, Tim, Wndy & Allyson Drury, Dudley’s Excavating, Inc; Emergency Command Support, Inc; Emergency Watter Supply, Inc; Jack and Kathleen Endres, Fair Investments, Cristian and Patricia Esparza.

David Ferreira, Ramiro Ferreira, Travis Ferrera, Fire Water Supply, Inc; Fisher Oil Co; Flying Monkey Ranch, Casey Fox, Babette Fries, Furtado Ag Construction.

Carolyn Galantine, Justin Galantine, Joe & Wendy Gallaty, Gary Dutro Orchards, Geveden Industrial, Wendy Giardi, Melissa Gilardi, GMC Investments, Inc. Golden State Farm Credit, Elizabeth Gonzalez, Kristen Gray, Green Barn Whiskey Kitchen, Green Waste of Tehama, Greg Lond Ranch, Nicole Guibergia.

Carl & Jere Lee Hale, Toiture Harbert, Construction Hat Creek, Hawes Ranch & Farm Supply, Dave & Lauquin Hencratt, High Tech Diesel Specialist, Inc; Holiday Ranch, Houston Apiaries, Kathryn Hudson, Hutchins Inc.

I-5 rental, irrigation rental.

J&T Quarter Horses, Glenn and Sheila Jacobs, James and Kristine Danielson, Jason Able Construction, Jennifer Waelty, Pat Jenkins, Alta Jennings, JK Hoppers, John Wheeler Logging, Jon Williams Excavating, Nathan Jones, Judy Oswald and Jim Yost, Justin and Tiffany Jourdan.

To be continued next week.

Jean Barton has been writing his column in the Daily News since the early 1990s. She can be reached by email at [email protected]

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