Twitch Streamer xQc Responds to Game Stream Complaints

As gambling streams become more popular on Twitch, xQc responds to recent criticism from prominent business and esports analyst Ollie Ring.

In the wake of the spa meta controversy, there is a potentially dubious new revenue stream drawing attention to Tic: game stream. As this new trend becomes more and more popular, some Twitch streamers have started to voice concerns about the impact this might have on younger viewers.

After popular streamer xQc was apparently banned from NoPixel for good GTA RP server, it seems to have doubled the flow of games of chance. As of this writing, gambling streams are allowed on Twitch, which even provides them with a separate category called “Slots”.

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Many streamers appear divided on the issue, especially after esports and economics analyst Ollie Ring accused xQc of promoting the game in a dangerous manner on Twitter. In the discussion thread, Ring explains that while he thinks the game can be enjoyed responsibly by most people, he also thinks that having an influencer with a large, young, sensationalist slots audience could be beneficial. harmful. Given that xQc previously criticized the spa meta as “pathetic,” there is something ironic about it becoming the face of a new Twitch controversy.

However, Ring isn’t just concerned about xQc viewers. He also expressed concern that xQc could face legal action for its gambling streams. The streamer is based in Texas, a state with incredibly strict laws where online gambling is prohibited and playing slots for real money is a crime. It’s possible that xQc and other game streamers based out of places with similar laws, such as Australia, could end up facing legal repercussions.

While spa streamers like Amouranth have often faced bans and demonetization, gaming streamers could potentially face fines or even jail time if police are involved. For xQc’s part, it looks like the controversial streamer isn’t convinced by these arguments and has no plans to stop their streams anytime soon.

In the past, xQc has made its position clear on Cancel Culture, so it’s no surprise to hear that it refuses to heed this criticism of its feeds. A recent post on his Twitter account confirms his resolve to ignore the drama of the gambling stream and continue doing what he already does. In the tweet, he announces his intention to appear on a game stream for the newlyweds alongside Ludwig Ahgren and Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris before declaring his official response to all questions related to the drama: “Don’t worry no, keep on malding. ” Judging by xQc’s previous patterns of behavior, it looks like he probably won’t change his mind unless Tic or the police get involved.

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