xQc announces new GTA Online RPG server, similar to NoPixel

Twitch streamer xQc has announced a new GTA Online RPG server similar to NoPixel, with fewer rules and more rewards for criminal activity.

Controversial Twitch Streamer Felix “xQc“Lengyel announced the imminent arrival of a new Grand Theft Auto: V Online RPG server with fewer rules – and will serve as a sister server to NoPixel. Streamer exclusive RPG server NoPixel received its update 3.0 in February of this year, which reinvigorated the GTA Online player base, piquing the interests of popular streamers and famous celebrities such as Travis Scott, Kevin Durant and LeBron James.

xQc recently received its fifth and permanent ban from the NoPixel server, due to the streamer randomly killing another player on the server. As the altercation occurred without prior role play prior to the murder, it broke server rules. Along with the permanent ban came Lengyel’s announcement of his departure from GTA Online role-playing game, stating that while he would miss the role-playing game on the server, he felt he didn’t deserve another chance due to the previous leniency provided by NoPixel admins.

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Almost a week since its ban on NoPixel servers, Lengyel announced during a stream the creation of a new GTA Online RPG server, which will have fewer restrictions, fewer fines and more rewards for criminal minds. In addition to these features, xQc also revealed that it will be immune to the wrath of the Black Hammer on the new server. The NoPixel sister server is expected to go live in the next few days and will be free to play with the option to pay for higher priority. The upcoming server has already garnered considerable interest and success, with xQc stating that “It’s literally a sold-out waiter.

While the second server might seem more appealing to those who want to wreak havoc at Los Santos, Lengyel reassured fans that the quality of role-playing would not be affected by the relaxed rules. The streamer added that his sentiment was also shared by Koil, the creator of NoPixel, who expects the quality of the role-playing game on the sister server to be close to that of the original server. Since the overwhelming popularity of the original NoPixel server means that many gamers often face wait times of several hours, Lengyel said the sister server will do so. GTA Online RP more accessible.

Despite xQc’s tumultuous relationship with the original NoPixel server and its residents, the new sister server seems like a perfect match for the streamer. Without the threat of being banned, Lengyel will now be free to role-play as he pleases. Those who were tired of the streamer’s antics on the original NoPixel server can now rest easy knowing that xQc will revert to GTA Online role play in a more appropriate space.

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Grand Theft Auto V Online is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Sources: xQcOW / Twitch, xQcOWUpdates / Twitter

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