Is Shroud a millionaire? Twitch Streamer’s Net Worth in 2021

Michael Grzesiek, better known by his online alias Shroud, is a Canadian streamer and YouTuber. After dominating the professional CS: GO scene with Cloud 9, Shroud turned to streaming. It is thanks to these flows that he made most of his income.


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Grzesiek enjoys playing battle royale or streaming first person shooter games. Previously he enjoyed passages with games like Apex Legends, Valorant, PUBG, etc. One thing that separates Shroud from other players and streamers is his ridiculous purpose. It was first featured during its stint in professional CS: GO, but Shroud really came out on top on H1Z1.

In 2020, Shroud switched from Twitch to the burgeoning “Mixer” streaming platform for a $ 10 million contract. However, after Mixr’s quick demise, he returned to Twitch. Its various income streams include its Twitch income, YouTube channel, and referrals.


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How much is Shroud really worth today?

Its estimated value is currently between 8 and 12 million dollars. Former CS: GO Champion Earns $ 80,000 With His Tic subscriptions only. He also owns a YouTube channel with 6.8 million subscribers which generates around $ 400,000 to $ 500,000 per year.

While Shroud certainly knows how to make money, he can spend it just as quickly. During a stream in 2019, Shroud revealed the ridiculous amount of money he spent on CS: GO crates. He read a comment in his chat box that said, “Does he know the mount he wants is super rare?” “


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Shroud responded by saying, “Listen man, I’m from Counter-Strike, you don’t even know the super rare!” Do you know how much money I gave Gaben to open some fucking CS: GO crates? Over $ 100,000 that I gave to this man.

Michael also doesn’t seem too worried about losing his money to taxes. Considering his income, that would be quite a large amount. He said, “I don’t really care too much about taxes. Anyway, being in that position, being someone who plays video games for a living… I really don’t care.

This is the perfect description of Shroud. A man whose skill and passion for the game shines no matter what.


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