A fake riot interview revealed by Riot Swimbananas

Jason parker
in general | June 9, 2021

Recently a Twitch streamer conducted an interview with a fake Rioter (Riot Lillith) and it led to quite a situation. The goal of the Twitch streamer (HypoTube) was to interview someone about what it’s like to be a Lead of Operations Client Development for Riot Games. This fake Rioter in the interview was later caught by an actual member of the Riot Games team, Riot Swimbananas (Influencer Manager). Instead of accepting that and backing down, RiotLillith instead doubled down with a Twitlonger.

HypoTube seems like a really nice guy. When this interview took place, they had a little chat, and then HypoTube asked the fake Rioter to watch a clip on Discord. This recorded video was with HypoTube and Riot Swimbananas, where they were specifically talking about this bogus employee of Riot Games. Swimbananas highlighted there is a RiotLilith, but it’s with an L, and they’re playing Legends of Runeterra. RiotLillith then said they couldn’t see the stream, so they missed the video of being exposed as a fraud.

HypoTube also spoke about it on Twitter:

RiotLillith’s Twitter is now private, but there was a Twitlonger posted on the situation. Lilith said this:

“To those who have just witnessed an unprofessional attempt at comedy, I would like to make sure I clear the tune with everyone who follows me and supports me.

It was not that long ago that it was claimed that I am not a rioter, with “evidence” to prove it. The problem here is that this “proof” is not verifiable, while my credentials are. Plus, there was even someone who pretended to be a rioter and had no credentials. With further research done by myself, a few people I trust, as well as my own boss within Riot, we found that there was no connection to Riot Games for this person making these claims.

“Hi. As Riot Swimbananas, the Riot employee in question here, I’m happy to speak anytime. My door, slack, emails, DM are open. However, as an influencer manager for NA / OCE, it’s part of my job to connect with streamers who do interviews with Rioters. Both to validate the streamer in question, as well as Rioter. As I said, the doors are open internally though. you want to discuss “

It’s a really embarrassing and unfortunate situation, but it has a very clear side. It’s unclear why this person pretended to be a member of Riot Games, but hopefully it comes to a clear resolution with as few hurt feelings as possible.

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