Facebook post on Israel’s missile defense system shows video game footage

A video clip from a Facebook post claims to show Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system targeting a military aircraft. But like a similar post from several days earlier, this one uses footage from a video game, not an actual fight.

The most recent post included a video of a mounted rotary machine gun firing at a plane. The text on the post reads: “Israel’s Iron Dome Defense System.”

The Facebook of June 2 Publish, which emerged in the aftermath of an actual 11-day battle between Israel and Hamas, the militia that controls Gaza, was reported as part of Facebook’s efforts to tackle fake news and disinformation on its feed. topicality. (Learn more about our partnership with Facebook.) “

The images featured in the article are actually a digital simulation of “Arma 3”, a tactical military video game produced by Prague-based Bohemia Interactive, a company spokesperson confirmed to PolitiFact. Similar versions of the video still appear on Youtube.

Israel itself has posted videos of Iron Dome engaged in actual combat, but the video featured in this Facebook post is not one of them. Shortly after downloading the legitimate videos, users created simulations using the “Arma 3” game interface and published them to YouTube and other sites.

PolitiFact debunked a similar May 22 article that used footage from the game to falsely claim it showed Israel’s missile defense system intercepting rockets. Similar videos using realistic game simulations have been posted with bogus claims that they show missile attacks in Iraq, according to a Checking the facts published by Lead Stories in January 2020.

We rate this post on Facebook as false.

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