Why does it end and can it be saved?

Zoey’s Extraordinary Reading List is the last show canceled by NBC. When the show ended in May, it was considered an “on the bubble” show, meaning its renewal status could go either way. A month later, however, it was confirmed that the show would not be getting a third season on NBC, despite the efforts of the show’s dedicated fan base.

Why is it Zoey’s Extraordinary Reading List canceled?

While those who watch the musical are dedicated, they weren’t enough for NBC to justify giving more episodes to the show. The show averaged (per TV series finale) a weekly audience of 1.8 million viewers. It also scored 0.35 among 18-49 year olds essential for advertisers, meaning that 0.35% of viewers in that age range watch the show.

These ratings made the show 16th out of 19 scripted shows broadcast by NBC during the 2020-2021 TV season among demographics, and 17th in audience. Those ratings were much lower than other shows on the network that have been canceled this season by the Peacock Network, such as Debris and Hypermarket.

“Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” has not been renewed by NBC for season 3.

Showrunner Austin Winsberg previously said he was “cautiously optimistic” about the show’s renewal in a TV Line interview. Although the ratings are low, the show has consistently topped online polls on which shows fans wanted to renew. “I know we have a really passionate fan base that really cares about the show. I know we have a lot of internal support at NBC,” he said.

Can Zoey’s Extraordinary Reading List to be saved?

A potential lifeline for the show has already fallen. Winsberg had said the show’s move to Peacock was “one of the discussions on the table,” but according to TV Line those negotiations have collapsed, meaning the show won’t be returning to the affiliate streamer. at NBC.

That doesn’t mean, however, that a streamer like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video couldn’t pick up the show. Lionsgate TV, which is co-producing the series, is reportedly already selling the show to other networks and streamers to bring it back to life, as previously directed by Lucifer (who came to Netflix) and Brooklyn nine-nine (NBC).

These efforts will certainly be helped by the fan campaign to save the series. Hours after the news broke, #SaveZoeysPlaylist was the top Twitter trend in the United States.

I believe we can have a real chance elsewhere. But the more support we can give the fans, the better. Thanks for tweeting #saveZoeysplaylist. Let’s straighten things out and let the powers that be know that the appetite is strong. Also open to all other suggestions to prove love.

– Austin Winsberg (@austinwinsberg) June 9, 2021

This came after Winsberg tweeted a thread in part: “Okay. Here we are. The news is out. NBC / Peacock have decided not to continue with another season. We can discuss it more. late. But for now, I refuse to believe the the show is dead. There is too much love and goodwill and the fan base is amazing. Now here is what I need.

“I think we can have a real chance elsewhere. But the more support we can give to the fans, the better. Please tweet #saveZoeysplaylist. Let’s step forward and let the powers that be the appetite is strong. . Also open to any other suggestion to prove love. “

Zoey’s Extraordinary Reading List Seasons 1 and 2 are now airing on Peacock.

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