Steven Crowder flees debate with Sam Seder and Ethan Klein

  • Conservative commentator Steven Crowder has fled a debate with leftist expert Sam Seder.
  • Ethan Klein did not tell the Tory expert that Seder would join their debate, Crowder said.
  • Crowder’s name was all the rage on Twitter after Klein posted footage of the short-lived debate.
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The internet is looking at conservative comedian Steven Crowder after being duped into a debate with left-wing political commentator Sam Seder.

Crowder was among Twitter’s top 10 trending search terms on Tuesday, with many viewers criticizing Crowder for shunning the debate with Seder, which surprised Crowder during a

debate with YouTuber Ethan Klein of H3H3 Productions.

In 2018, Seder and Crowder were scheduled to debate at the Politicon conference, but Crowder did not attend the event. The Seder is hosting the Majority report, a political talk show on YouTube with a million subscribers.

Crowder is a political commentator with 5.5 million subscribers on his Youtube channel, which was criticized for racist comment and disinformation about COVID-19.

In March of this year, YouTube removed a video from Crowder’s channel that mocked a COVID-19 relief bill to benefit black farmers, calling the plan “remedies” for “farmers of color.” . While YouTube deleted the video because it contained disinformation about COVID-19, the platform said the video did not violate its hate speech policy, OneZero reported.

The YouTuber has been punished for breaking policies in the past. In June 2019, her channel was temporarily demonetized by YouTube after the journalist Carlos Maza arrested him for homophobic harassment, although monetization was reinstated a year later.

Crowder invited Klein to debate, but the Seder came as a surprise

During a March 30 live broadcast on Crowder’s channel, the conservative expert mocked Klein, the host of YouTube channel H3H3 Productions, for saying “you shouldn’t be thinking about” this that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “tell you what to do,” but Americans should just follow the agency’s guidelines.

Two months later, in May, Klein responded on his own live broadcast, triggering a back-and-forth that culminated when Crowder invited Klein to his show to speak. June 7, saying the debate would be a “lay-up”.

Crowder and Klein launched a Zoom appeal under the impression that they would debate CDC policies and tech censorship issues. But instead, Klein got Seder to join the debate.

Insider couldn’t immediately verify when the call took place, but the footage was released to Klein’s YouTube channel on Monday evening.

Crowder said he didn’t expect the leftist commentator.

“Oh no, it’s Sam Seder! What a fucking nightmare! I had no idea this was going to happen,” Crowder said when Seder appeared. After 15 minutes, Crowder left the call.

During the YouTube video featuring the short-lived debate, Klein described Crowder as “one of the most hateful and fanatic people” on YouTube.

The video quickly spread to Twitter

YouTube viewers were excited about the much-anticipated Crowder vs. Seder debate. Before the footage goes live online, streamer Hasan Abi, who shares progressive political thoughts on

, tweeted that he was “thrilled with the debate.”

After Klein posted the video, the conversation really started to pick up, with Twitter users mocking Crowder for refusing to participate in the call with Seder.

Influencers in the conservative online space, like Tim Pool and Lauren Chen, decried the whole event, calling it “drama” and Klein “pathetic.”

On his own YouTube channel Tuesday, Crowder slammed Klein for the surprise guest. Crowder showed what he said he was Twitter direct messages with Klein, who said he would be “debating”. A message purportedly from Crowder then requested that there be “no tricks, no zags”.

He also showed what he said was an email Crowder’s father Darrin sent to a producer on Klein’s H3H3 podcast, writing, “We never play ‘Gotcha’ with these things and we we would expect the same. “

Klein and Crowder did not respond to Insider’s requests for comment.

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