Most controversial moments in xQc’s streaming / competitive career

Felix Lengyel knows better than his online alias xQc is a Canadian Twitch streamer. Lengyel started out as a competitive Overwatch player and made a seamless transition to streaming. Recently he took advantage and had success with the role-playing game GTA on the server ‘No Pixel’. While xQc has an entertaining personality and sublime gaming skills, the streamer tends to get into hot water more often than not.


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Here are cases where xQc got caught up in controversy during its streaming and competitive career

xQc is caught sniping


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2020 has been a big year for Among Us and Fall Guys. These games have become popular and almost all streamers have played them. During a Fall Guys tournament on Twitch rivals that year, xQc could be seen targeting specific players in the game by grabbing their avatars.

Later it was learned that xQc had been sniping all the time and knew exactly which players it was attacking. As a result, he was banned from Twitch. It wouldn’t be Felix’s last meeting of this kind with the streaming platform.

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xQc loses his temper during competitive play

xQc and the Dallas Fuel were a deadly combination when it came to competitive Overwatch. So, many fans wondered what prompted the two to go their separate ways. One of the main reasons was Lengyel’s erratic behavior.

In 2018, a motivated Houston Outlaws won a heartbreaking 4-o loss to the Fuel. Unhappy with the result, Félix launched a homophobic insult to his opponent which cost him a $ 2,000 fine. His comments later on social media only made matters worse and cost him an additional $ 4,000.

Blizzard bans Felix for false reporting

In an Overwatch friendly, Felix was paired with a teammate who clearly wasn’t as good as the former pro. Lengyel ended up getting fed up with carrying his teammate and decided to spam report it. He denounced him for bad teamwork, heartache, cheating and bad teamwork for good measure.

Also, he only typed the words “f ** k” and “you” in the comments section. Blizzard handled the situation by suspending xQc from the game.

xQc throws a towel at his teammate

From all of his performances, it’s clear that xQc wears his heart on his sleeve. This means that those around him are in a good mood when he wins, but may be subject to his anger when he loses. In 2017, Felix embarked on a series of Overwatch matches. On top of that, he became AFK, annoyed his teammates and did everything to disrupt the coordination of the group.


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After being banned by Blizzard, the streamer came out and apologized for his actions. However, he had already done enough to strain his relationship with his teammates and force Dallas Fuel to get rid of him.

xQc is a perfect example of why you need to keep a cool head in all situations. While his skills were unmatched, it was his poor team spirit that limited his potential. What do you think is Felix’s most embarrassing moment? Let us know in the comments below.


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