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Recently, Twitch streamer Adin Ross was reportedly arrested for “sneaker theft” after a video went viral on the internet.

The Twitch streamer has had some tumultuous days. He was first banned from the platform after being caught texting while driving during a live broadcast. On July 12, Keemstar posted the video below, in which Adin Ross can be seen getting arrested in a Sneaker showroom.

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It turned out to be a “false arrest”, although Adin Ross himself had no idea such an incident was about to take place. The streamer was “crushed” by one of its viewers, who informed the police that he was “armed”, which led to the LAPD helicopter and an actual SWAT team showing up to the store where the streamer.

Adin Ross ‘run over’ by viewer, gets arrested as LAPD helicopter and SWAT teams show up

Swatting refers to “mistakenly calling the authorities” on a person. Adin Ross was in a Cookies N ‘Kicks store in Los Angeles when one of his viewers decided to crush him. He was part of a welcome meeting on the roof of the store when an LAPD helicopter flew overhead and several patrol cars showed up outside.

The viewer / prankster had informed authorities that the streamer was “armed”. However, it is not clear whether the cops in question were real or not. Aerial reporter Malik Earnest claimed on Twitter that an LAPD helicopter and the SWAT team showed up, but said most social media reports claimed the cops were also “bogus.”

This is something Adin Ross himself claimed, as he posted a tweet below to explain the situation. The streamer said the cops who arrested him were “fake”, but someone ended up calling a real SWAT team to meet. However, it looks like the real cops and the SWAT team left once it was clear that this was just a prank.

However, Ross was later arrested outside the store by two cops who turned out to be paid actors. Therefore, the video that shows him being arrested featured fake cops who were actors. Either way, the streamer had no idea he was going to be in the middle of such a crazy incident, and claimed he was scared “sh ** less”.

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