D & D’s Strixhaven book looks like a persona game

The upcoming source book Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos for Dungeons & Dragons looks a lot like a Persona game, as it adds relationship mechanics.

New information on the next Strixhaven: A Chaos Program pound for Dungeons & Dragons makes it look a lot like one of the Character video games. The University of Strixhaven is a magical academy of Magic: The Gathering, which is added to D&D multiverse in November thanks to the new book.

Students at the University of Strixhaven attend school for a number of reasons, as not all prospective students are spellcasters. After their first year is over, they choose one of five different colleges to further refine their skills. While at the University of Strixhaven, players will need to take exams, participate in sporting events and deal with any threats to the school.

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the Character Video game series have enjoyed mainstream success in recent years. Unlike the fantastic JRPGs, like the Dragon Quest and early Final fantasy games, the Character series uses a contemporary setting. The main characters are high school students, who must use their new supernatural abilities to face threats around the world, while living their day-to-day lives and successfully completing their studies.

D & D’s New Social Ties to Strixhaven Explained

Dungeons & Dragons Strixhaven Dance

Wizards of the Coast recently hosted a press event that included a deep dive into the content of Strixhaven: A Chaos Program, which included a discussion of the new mechanics in the book. Strixhaven: A Chaos Program adds the equivalent of the mechanics of relations to D&D, with players able to form friendships with other characters in the school, in order to gain mechanical advantages. Players may also have their own rivals to face in the school.

The system is very similar to the social ties of the Character Games. Strixhaven: A Chaos Program comes with adventures that track player progress throughout their time in Strixhaven, culminating in the School’s Defense from Evil. Game designer Jeremy Crawford even admitted that Persona 5 is one of the few video game RPGs that he has completed more than once.

The social link system in the Character The series is a great concept, as it ties the player to the setting in a way that affects the dungeon exploration aspect of the gameplay. D&D has been calling for a similar system for a long time, and a magical university seems like the perfect way to create a Character-inspired Dungeons & Dragons countryside. Players who really want to embrace the concept could take on the College of Spirits subclass for bards, as it’s as close to a Persona user as the game gets.

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Strixhaven: A Chaos Program will be released on November 16, 2021.

Source: Wizards of the Coast

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