World of Warcraft is dying … and it’s being killed by FINAL FANTASY

Blizzard considered it monopolizing World of Warcraft. However, the public relations tragedy and rebel streamers allowed FINAL FANTASY XIV to challenge them to the crown of a great online multiplayer genre.

The world of Azeroth has survived many attempts to destroy it, but it may have finally met the match.

Blizzard’s World of Warcraft has been the champion of the massively multiplayer online (MMO) genre for almost 20 years, but the crowned head is starting to grow heavy. Activision-Blizzard represents 29% of the total active player base, according to Blizzard’s financial report for the first quarter of 2021. Bleeding In the past 3 years.

Two million players have reportedly left Blizzard’s game portfolio since Blizzard announced its fourth quarter 2020 results. And all of this comes shortly after the many major public relations disasters that “Blizzard Vision” inflicted on itself ( as some gamers call it).

Blizzard, the “gold standard” of the gaming industry, appears to be steadily declining since its merger with Activision. Hong Kong’s democratic movement has undermined Hong Kong’s once pure and white glow. In addition, reports of poor working conditions and large-scale layoffs put company morale at its lowest on record.

However, nothing seems to hurt Blizzard as much as the expanded version of World of Warcraft, which has been criticized by longtime gamers as “lazy” and “grabbing the money.” Wrong direction. Blizzard’s focus on evolving games to accommodate casual and mobile users, along with the lack of history, is starting to have a serious negative impact on the hardcore player base.

However, World of Warcraft’s biggest streamer Asmongold comes from WoW. FINAL FANTASY XIV ..

With over 2 million Twitch subscribers and 689,000 YouTube subscribers, Asmon Gold made a major breakthrough from its MMO rival when it began broadcasting its 11-year-old game from publisher Square Enix. Guest. Mark Kern, a former World of Warcraft lead developer, said on Twitter:

So when Asmon Gold started looking at alternatives to WoW, interviewed Final Fantasy content creators and finally played it on their own stream, Blizzard didn’t realize what was going on, he thought. No. They were the monopoly.

Even Asmongold was shocked by the large number of viewers drawn to his Final Fantasy stream. Even he underestimated the number of dissatisfactions and curiosities with other WoW players. “

In the streaming world, it’s important to note that gamers quickly switch to the next “hottest” trend in order to steer their viewers to their stream. And with Asmon Gold’s “awesome gold” in FINAL FANTASY XIV, the game has grown huge. Influx of “big refugees”.

So many, FINAL FANTASY XIV has started to break the record for simultaneous players on Steam. But its sudden popularity is not without its problems. Many players find that the game’s server is constantly full, making it difficult to log in and play. Even on Final Fantasy’s European server, trade players for “endless hints” in a free trial of the game.

However, the sudden increase in popularity of FINAL FANTASY XIV with the transition of World of Warcraft shows one very important thing: The “Blizzard Vision” takes World of Warcraft fans for granted. Considered, the players begin to rebel.

World of Warcraft has never faced such a backlash. Now the real question is: can the game survive? According to Mark Khan, the answer is probably “no”.

“The transition from WoW to FINAL FANTASY XIV has nothing to do with which game is the best. It has to do with how a company treated their fan base because they believed they had an invincible exclusivity. . “

Either way, World of Warcraft and Blizzard are fighting to survive.


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