5 streamers who leaked personal information online

Streaming is one of the trickiest professions right now, as streamers present their content to a live audience with little to no oversight. With other live broadcasts like sports and talk shows, there is always a slight delay in the streaming network monitoring stream. But streamers don’t have these resources. Therefore, there is no place to remove slippage, and nothing is missing the keen eye of a loving fan.

Often times, streamers have accidentally leaked personal information on air. Some of the missteps could have been dangerous if the individual had not acted quickly afterwards. For those streamers who didn’t correct the error, the respective fan base was more or less kind.

Some of the notable streamers who leaked personal information online

5) PewDiePie

PewDiePie enjoys experimenting with the games he plays on his feed. During one of those experimental streams, he decided to play Call of Duty Warzone for the first time. While entering their credentials to create the account, the game displayed their email address to their large audience.

This is a feature of Warzone where the email address is displayed on screen the first time a player engages in the game. Other streamers like Pokimane and Tfue have also fallen victim to this feature.

4) Valkyrae

Valkyrae, being one of the most prominent streamers, has seen her fair share of creepy and obsessive fans. In an unfortunate incident, his home address was leaked by stalkers. This forced her and her roommates Pokimane, xChocoBars and Starsmitten to move to different locations.

Before living with her fellow streamers, Valkyrae lived in the House of 100 Thieves. She is currently co-owner of the organization. However, she took the moving opportunity to secure her own place.

3) Pokimane

Pokimane has had more than one incident where she accidentally leaked personal information via streaming. Like PewDiePie, Pokimane left his personal email displayed during his first Warzone stream. However, on another occasion, she accidentally disclosed her credit card information.

Pokimane is no stranger to such missteps (Image via Forbes)
Pokimane is no stranger to such missteps (Image via Forbes)

His card information was accidentally leaked by Fedmyster, who had attached a chest camera. Luckily for Pokimane, she didn’t take too much damage thanks to quick action from the credit card service provider.

2) xQc

Where there is drama, there is xQc. The French-Canadian streamer has accidentally leaked his personal information on streaming multiple times. His most frequently disclosed personal information is his IP address.

Server issues seem to be the reason xQc’s IP address is leaked. Repeatedly when the xQc server is slow, it opens the task manager to check for the problem, thus displaying its IP.

xQc is a storehouse of controversy (Image via Dot Esports)
xQc is a storehouse of controversy (Image via Dot Esports)

1) Tfué

Tfue ranks first on this list because the information he leaked was not his. During a goodwill charity stream hosted by MrBeast, Tfue disclosed MrBeast’s phone number and passcode to participate in the group chat.

This was obviously reckless on Tfue’s part, and he was called out for it by several streamers, including Ninja.

The internet has been kind to these slips for the most part, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that any of these scenarios could have snowballed into something problematic and potentially dangerous.

Warning: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

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