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The organizers of this year’s National Day Parade (NPD) worked closely with environmental groups to make the parade as environmentally friendly as possible.

Since last December, the NPD executive committee has engaged some 15 green groups to discuss materials that can be used to produce the NPD packaging so that it is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Other initiatives included reducing food waste and conversations with members of the public to educate them on Singapore’s sustainability efforts.

The NPD Pack, previously known as the Fun Pack, had 20-25 items in the past, but only has four this year.

The pack contains a Singapore flag, a reusable water bottle with Newater in it, hand sanitizer and a collapsible fan.

Saturday viewers also received a poncho, in case of rain, and shakers to show their support for the performers during the segment of the show.

The collapsible fans artwork was designed by people with disabilities as part of a collaboration between SG Enable, an agency that caters to their needs, and NPD organizers.

The decision to make the NDP’s packaging more environmentally friendly came after discussions with members of the public and environmental groups.

Brigadier-General Tan Cheng Kwee, chairman of the 2021 NPD executive committee, said with caution in mind there were fewer items in the NPD pack this year.

Last year, the Singapore Together Packs sparked controversy online when it was announced that they would be distributed to all Singaporean households and permanent residents.

An online petition to refuse to receive the packs collected more than 110,000 signatures from people who believed the resources could be better used for other causes, especially amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Responding to questions last year from three MPs who had received such comments, Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen said the packs would be produced for around 80% of all Singaporean households and permanent residents, down from compared to the usual 90%. at 95 percent.

This year, the NPD kits were only distributed to parade spectators and to all 5th grade students.

Welcoming the sustainability efforts of the NDP organizers, Nee Soon GRC MP Louis Ng said, “The National Day Parade is one of the larger scale events here and we have shown that it is possible to move towards a zero waste Singapore. “

Mr Ng, who first asked a parliamentary question in 2019 about the possibility of offering green alternatives to single-use plastic bottles, added: “None of the items in the NDP pack have plastic packaging. single use. -rupture. “

In addition to the choice of items that have been selected for the NDP pack, the pack itself has been designed to be both reusable and recyclable.

It is made from DuPont-Tyvek, a water resistant and recyclable material.

Mr. Tan Shi Zhou, 24, third-year material science and engineering student at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) who contributed the material, said, “The NDP pack was designed with long-term use so Singaporeans to use it again and again even after the NPD.

Bye Bye Plastic Bags Singapore, another environmental group involved in the talks, organized a creative campaign to show how the NDP package, which looks like a package of chicken rice, can be embellished with various outfits.

Besides the NPD pack, the organizers went the extra mile to make the parade more sustainable.

For example, food waste digesters were provided to the F1 Pit Building, which served as a waiting area for the parade performers. Machines convert leftover food supplied to artists into compost for landscaping or water for cleaning.

There were also seven Green Ambassadors or volunteers who engaged the parade performers on Singapore’s efforts to go green.

One of them was Shawn Ang, 23, in his third year bachelor’s degree in environmental science.

“We shared about the process that was put in place for the NPD pack and reducing food waste. But we also engaged them on issues that might interest them, such as climate change and recycling,” a- he declared.

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