Monica Smit: anti-vaccine, anti-lockdown activist broadcasts live ‘arrest’

A reality TV contender who has become Victoria’s foremost anti-lockdown activist live-streamed her own ‘arrest’.

A reality TV contender who has become Victoria’s foremost anti-lockdown activist has broadcast live what she claims to be her own “arrest.”

Anti-vaxxer Monica Smit now leads the Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA) movement.

She first rose to prominence in October as the main promoter of a bus that toured Melbourne calling for the sacking of Prime Minister Daniel Andrews.

But four years ago, she auditioned to be a candidate for Survivor after a career in sales.

On Tuesday, Smit posted a video of her sitting in her car after police arrested her near Springvale Police Station.

“I just got stopped by the cops, it’s probably because I’m outside my 5 km,” she said. “But we’ll see what happens. I just thought I would put the livestream on just in case.

An officer is then heard saying to him, “We just came from the Springvale police station. Right now, we need to discuss an incentive issue with you. So I must put you under arrest.

Victoria Police declined to say whether Smit had been arrested and whether Smit had been charged or if other action had been taken.

She goes on to ask the police if they had “followed” her after saying her name without her providing it to the police.

“What? Are you guys following me,” she said.

The self-proclaimed journalist has already used her blog to obtain a work permit to move around the state during previous closures.

In his application video for Survivor, she described herself as someone who had primarily worked in sales and said she didn’t shy away from attention.

Content from the activist page she is involved in praises a “mother of seven” who wants to keep her nail salon open despite the lockdown and “secret mom groups” who want to remove barriers around public playgrounds.

“In a coordinated campaign, parents and taxpayers will unravel playground barricade tape, cable ties and other restrictive devices on playgrounds across Victoria,” campaign materials read.

“Individuals have already started to act, but in a first-ever coordinated statewide campaign, concerned individuals will help preserve children’s mental health by opening up playgrounds across Victoria.”

In June, Smit told her followers online that she feared she would be arrested for “incitement.”

“I just want you to know that we are working around the clock, trying to find ways to put this country in a better position than it is now,” she said.

“It’s really difficult to organize events because of the incentive situation. If I am accused of incitement, it will shut me up, first because the terms of the bail will mean I cannot speak online.

“And incitement is a serious thing. It leads to jail time, potentially, or hefty fines and things like that. So if you’re wondering why I don’t say ‘get out on the streets and screw up the government’ , this is because you have to watch out for accusations of inducement.I’m willing to take a lot of risks but calculated.

Later in the video, Smit – whose group is against coronavirus testing, vaccines, masks, QR codes and social distancing – gave subscribers advice on how they could avoid using codes QR when shopping at the supermarket.

“If they’re there to literally hook you up, it’s really hard to get away with it, so I’m going to ask for an alternate method and I’m going to have my phone in the car so I can’t use my phone. We’re always looking for loopholes, it’s harder than we thought.

The group has ties to ex-Hughes Liberal MP Craig Kelly, who is also a regular on Smit’s channel.

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