WATCH: Rapper T-Pain gets hilariously competitive in streaming with Twitch Icon Ninja

Hip-hop and music lovers certainly know T-Pain for their hit singles and appearances in several hit songs. A lot of people may also know him because he ventured out to Twitch as a player and content streamer. T-Pain has always been hilarious with his various takes and antics during his shows and streams.


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Speaking of T-Pain, the most interesting thing that happened this week was the T-Pain broadcast with Twitch icon Ninja, his wife Jessica, and Nappy Boy’s BigCheeseKIT. The stream was a fun party, filled with laughter, hilarious antics, and Ninja challenged by T-Pain as they played Overcooked 2.

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Ninja rage stops as T-Pain gets too competitive

Overcooked 2 is a cooperative cooking game where the levels can get sweaty enough to sabotage themselves. In the stream, Ninja was seen teaching Jessica the basics of the game. As the game got competitive, Ninja yelled, “Press A to clean the dishes!” KEEP THE BUTTON PRESSED AND CLEAN THEM!

Jessica, after being taken out of the game, responded with humor, “Deleted by the host?” Was that you, Tyler? Did you fucking take me out of the game? ” Ninja did her best to defend herself while T-Pain and BigCheese enjoyed the couple’s drama in their stream.

Ninja was seen to be apparently very frustrated and tried to rage to quit the game, and he was confronted by his wife, which made everyone in the stream laugh.

The couple would have won, according to Jessica, if Ninja hadn’t left the game so soon. Ninja says: “I thinks the game just heard me scream and kicked everyone out ”, when everyone was out of the game. And fans would love to see more hilarious content on these streamers again.

T-Pain streams battle royale games, while slowly trying to fit into the video game industry.

T-Pain disappointed with Apex Legends

Apex Legends lovingly claims T-Pain and Soulja Boy to be the patrons of the game, and T-Pain recently tweeted about how Apex Legends is getting extremely sweaty and the SBM is essentially not fair enough for gamers to enjoy the gameplay. .


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Fans certainly love it when their favorite stars from different industries get together and stream popular games. And as time goes on, people will hopefully be able to enjoy streaming their favorite stars more often.

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