10 abandoned game franchise publishers (despite their success)

There has been an exponential growth in the video game industry and it’s pretty impressive how much progress is being made from one generation of games to the next. The video game industry continues to introduce exciting new intellectual properties that can be reproduced in larger series, but some of the most popular games belong to established gaming franchises that players have been following for years.

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The video game industry has no shortage of surprises and franchises that were considered dead may return unexpectedly, but the reverse is also true and successful franchises can suddenly be forgotten and fall unjustly into obscurity.

ten Breath Of Fire was a unique take on fantasy RPGs and hero archetypes

Breath of fire 3

The 90s were a golden period for cutting edge RPG series. Capcom Breath of fire games for the Super Nintendo weren’t as popular as Final fantasy Where Dragon Quest, but they led to a satisfying series with a dedicated following who were able to move on to the PlayStation.

The Breath of fire The games draw inspiration from many standard fantasy RPG conventions, but are a breath of fresh air due to their transformational mechanics and perspective on a post-apocalyptic world. Breath of Fire V was back in 2003 and although a sixth entry took place in 2016, it was a mobile business that never left Japan.

9 Dino Crisis is a survival horror series that still leaves fans hungry

It seems like every major video game developer and publisher has dabbled in the survival horror craze in hopes of delivering the next one. Resident Evil. There has been a little less pressure from Capcom since they resident Evil fall back, but the same brilliant minds were responsible for Dinosaur crisis survival horror series.

With the slew of resident Evil remakes that happened, fans expressed the same treatment for Dinosaur crisis. With the success of the Jurassic World movies, there has never been a better time for horror based on dinosaurs.

8 Viewtiful Joe Is Chaotic Beat-‘Em-Up Action With A Conscious Sense Of Humor

Gamecube Viewtiful Joe 2 Fight Video Games

The beat-’em-up genre of video games is reminiscent of arcade classics and the era of 16-bit game consoles, but there have still been franchises that find ways to make this genre work in a modern context. .

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The Joe the spectator the games were a welcome change of pace on Nintendo GameCube and the series received a lot of attention through two core games and a cross-platform combat spin-off, purely for the wacky absurdity of Joe the spectator to shut up. Beat-’em-up tracks remain a polarizing genre, but it’s the characters and the sense of humor that make Joe the spectator come out.

7 Power Stone is the life boost the fighting genre needs

Dreamcast Power Stone 2 Combat Video Game

One of the most saturated video game genres is fighting titles, many of which have reached the point where they are just foundational series that keep producing new releases. The Power stone the games were part of the most satisfying Dreamcast versions and it’s such a shame that the wacky franchise that didn’t take itself too seriously seems to be as dead as the Dreamcast.

Creative environments, weapons and characters, with four player action, made Power stone stand out from the crowd. Its energy is perpetuated in the Super Smash Bros. games, but it’s not the same.

6 F-Zero is Nintendo’s fast-paced futuristic racing series with an indefinitely stuck engine

F-Zero Gameplay SNES

The F-Zero Games have been an important part of Nintendo history and they have been represented across the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameCube, as well as many Nintendo handheld systems and even the arcade. The F-Zero represent a more hardcore style of racing games than what is provided in the Mario kart series, but these titles turned out to be more accessible and clearly left F-Zero no place to belong.

Curiously, the F-Zero the games received a greater number of followers due to the presence of Captain Falcon in the Super Smash Bros. games, but it deserves to go back to its racing roots.

5 Clock Tower Gothic Tense Horror Is More Appropriate Than Ever

There is a lot of iconic survival horror series and now that it looks like fans finally have a new silent Hill game (fingers crossed), it’s time to Clock tower receive the same treatment. Clock tower produced four strong games, but has remained absent from modern survival horror conversations even though the series debuted on the Super Nintendo and predates Resident Evil.

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The Clock tower the games are dark, psychologically trying and are inspired by the films of Dario Argento. They also feature an intimidating serial killer known as the Scissorman who chases the player every turn.

4 Onimusha’s samurai superlatives deserve a comeback

Onimusha is a defining title for the PlayStation 2 and the first console game to sell over a million copies. It may be difficult to correctly grasp the sword cutting samurai aesthetic, but the Onimusha titles excel in this regard.

Onimusha was conceived as a trilogy, but a fourth main title, Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams, came out in 2006 — along with various spinoffs — since the franchise was so popular. There has since been a newer browser title and a remastered version of the original game in the series, but for a franchise that has been one of PlayStation 2’s most successful endeavors, it’s surprising that there is. had such deference to the property since then.

3 The Earthbound / Mother series contains some of the greatest hearts and souls of all Nintendo properties

Ness visiting Twoson market

There is of course something to be said for a series that ends on a high note and doesn’t dilute unnecessarily through endless sequels. The Mother RPG series, more commonly known as Tied to the earth outside of Japan, represent three of the most creative RPG experiences.

The games reflect a more modern, urban aesthetic, but also a staggering level of layered storytelling that spans a wide range of characters and time periods. Fans couldn’t even get an official localized version of Mother 3, it is therefore unlikely that a Mother 4 would never materialize. However, a localized version of the original Mother The game finally made it to the North American Wii U eShop 26 years after the original’s release, so never say never.

2 The world is ready for more traditional banjo-kazooie platform chaos

Banjo-Kazooie Platform game

Banjo-Kazooie and its sequel were two of Rare’s most famous titles on the Nintendo 64 and many see them as the pinnacle of the 3D platforming before they fell into monotonous “collect-athons” territory. There have been some efforts to relaunch Banjo-Kazooie, but all in a non-traditional way that moves away from the platform structure that helped the original games succeed.

1 Earthworm Jim was ahead of his time and still holds tons of potential

SNES Play Earthworm Jim Fridge and Cow

Jim earthworm made big waves during the era of 16-bit platform games with its stimulating action-platform formula, but also a universe that felt truly unique, unpredictable and avant-garde. Jim earthworm made a few unsuccessful attempts to get back into a 3D context, but the series still spawned an animated series and has a very loud crowd.

Enough time has passed for a traditional 2D Jim earthworm side-scroller could work incredibly well. The rest of the gaming industry has finally caught up with the series’ creeping weirdness. There are now more directions than ever to take the odd series. There is supposedly a Jim Earthworm 4 in the original 2D style in development exclusively for the upcoming Intellivision Amico console, but given the platform’s troubled history, it will be hard to get excited about until its release.

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