Seychelles Ministry of Environment implements recycling and energy efficiency practices

The photovoltaic panel on the National Assembly building was made possible by a grant from the Indian government. (National Assembly)

(Seychelles News Agency) – The Seychelles Ministry of Environment has started implementing two green initiatives with the aim of promoting recycling and energy efficient use practices in public sector offices as part of of this year’s Clean Up the World campaign.

Public relations manager Linne Dubignon told SNA that the initiatives should be launched in National Assembly, where staff were already partially applying best practices.

“It should be noted that the National Assembly has photovoltaic panels installed on the roof; they don’t print or use plastic water bottles. However, they do not sort their waste because when the waste is collected, all the waste is placed in the same vehicle, ”Dubignon said.

The photovoltaic panel on the National Assembly Construction was made possible through a grant from the Indian government in conjunction with the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC).

She pointed out that colored bins have been provided to National Assembly for sorting waste and the assembly was put in touch with recycling companies for waste collection.

In Seychelles there are four main types of recycled waste – PET bottles, cans, paper and green waste, and it was pointed out that some public sector offices produce a lot of paper waste.

The launch of the initiative not having taken place in National Assembly for unforeseen reasons, the department continues to move forward.

“We will first address ourselves to justice, then to the various government ministries. The project is a project that the ministry will implement from this year to ensure a reduction in the amount of waste going to landfill,” a Dubignon declared.

On promoting efficient use of energy, Dubignon stressed that this will help tackle high utility bills in the public sector.

“We have seen that during the night, at a time when there is no one working, some offices keep their air conditioning and their lights on. It was then that we began to study a project to sensitize staff to the efficient use of electricity and water. . We liaise with public relations and communications managers to educate their peers on how to reduce the amount of water and electricity used. They will have to ensure that there is compliance, ”Dubignon said.

Through this initiative, employees will need to ensure that all devices are turned off after their work is completed. To help raise awareness among staff members, stickers promoting the efficient use of energy will be strategically placed in the offices.

Dubignon said many offices will not be able to switch their devices – refrigerators, microwaves and water dispensers – for energy efficient ones due to the ongoing pandemic.

“They will need to optimize their use appropriately. For example, don’t open the refrigerator when you don’t need anything or have nothing in the refrigerator. When heating food, two people can put in their bowls. This will ultimately reduce the electricity bill, ”she explained.

In order to ensure that the public sector respects the initiatives, the Cabinet of Ministers was briefed on these two issues on Wednesday.

“The involvement of ministers will help us get more people to implement the initiatives and practices. It will take some time for people to adapt to it, but we will get there slowly,” Dubignon said.

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