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There will be no return to the old green waste shredding service, after a report to council showed it would cost at least $ 7 more per household.

The curbside shredding service, where the council fed a shredder with green material and left it on the natural strip, was abandoned in 2020 in favor of a new system where green waste is collected and taken for recycling.

But earlier this year, concerns were raised that people wanted to recover the old system and found it difficult to group branches together for collection.

The council made a video to help resolve the consolidation issues, and then in April councilors voted to receive a report on the possible reintroduction of shredding to run alongside the new collection service.

The report, tabled at the August meeting, noted that the council already offers many options for disposing of green waste, including a bi-monthly green bin, reserved waste service (two per household per year), two advice who can take this waste, subsidized compost bins and free composting workshops run by the municipality.

The report said the services were “sufficient to meet the needs of the vast majority of households in Blue Mountains.”

He also noted that in its last year of operation, the shredding service was used by less than 2,000 households (6%)

He considered the possibility of reintroducing shredding, either by bringing in in-house staff and purchasing a truck and shredder (as the existing vehicles were sold after the service was discontinued) or by outsourcing the service.

Both would lead to increased costs, according to the report. The internal model would add $ 7.50 to the household waste management fee for each household; the third-party contractor would add approximately $ 7 / household.

He concluded that the reintroduction of the shredding service “would have negative effects on staff safety, duplicate the existing service, increase inefficiency and increase household waste costs for all residents while benefiting only a small fraction. part of the community ”.

Its recommendation – not to proceed with the reintroduction – was adopted unanimously by the board.

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