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Protecting public health is at the heart of the Environmental Improvement Council’s mission, and it has a rare opportunity to protect the long-term health of New Mexicans with just one action this month. As it reviews the rules proposed by the New Mexico Department of the Environment on oil and gas pollution, the Environmental Improvement Council is expected to include key improvements supported by public health advocates and l industry that will offer the strongest possible protections, especially for the frontline communities living closest to well sites.

The American Lung Association gave New Mexico’s major oil and gas producing counties an F rating for ozone in its 2021 State of the Air report. Oil and gas operations are a significant source of ozone-forming VOCs and methane emissions from ventilation, flaring and leaks. Well site toxins and smog can worsen respiratory illnesses like emphysema, trigger asthma attacks, and impact the cardiovascular system. That’s why the council should strengthen proposed rules to protect frontline communities by requiring more frequent inspections to find and repair leaks at our backyard sites, accelerate the transition to cleaner, less polluting pneumatic controllers. bleeding and ensure the capture of the pollution created. during well completions.

Once again, we had to contact the Santa Fe Solid Waste Department for green waste disposal. The staff were different but the result was the same. We left our message and received a reminder promptly. Roberta was very informative, very nice, made the appointment and called us when the appointment had to be changed preventing us from waiting unnecessarily. Kim called to remind us of our meeting time. Then we met Steven, the driver, a sweet young man who cleaned up “like it never even happened”. Thank you for the extraordinary efforts of this department in making customer service what it should be.

Harold and Rosina Downing

The current and past boards of directors and staff of the Santa Fe Children’s Museum are incredibly saddened by the untimely death of John Silver. John was president of the museum in the 1990s. We were a young organization and he quickly embraced our mission and helped us become a vibrant community resource. He was determined to increase our budget so that we could serve the community. He was not an educator but supported our commitment to experiential learning. During those years, John was our cornerstone – always there to support new programs, brainstorm our ideas, raise funds and help solve problems. And he did everything with grace and a smile.

John brought his family to the museum family. Abe, Marian, Gloria, Margaret, Scott and Carolyn were always present at museum events and assisting at our auctions (with John often serving as auctioneer). John convinced his father to donate some of his electric trains to the birthday hall. We saw John and Gloria’s children grow up at the museum. The Santa Fe Children’s Museum wouldn’t be here today without the hard work, dedication and support of John and the Silver family. John loved the museum and we all loved him back.

The New Mexico Secretary of State’s office is committed to providing the most useful and practical information to candidates for public office. For potential candidates interested in running for office in 2022, one of the first steps to getting to the polls is to collect signatures on petition forms from registered voters in their constituency. This year, however, the petition forms that our office is issuing for applicants seeking a district office will be delayed due to the redistribution and backlog of census data from the federal government.

Receipt of valid signatures on a petition form is based on official district boundaries set by the legislature, and by law our office cannot issue these forms for district offices until the redistribution is complete. , probably in December after a special session. We plan to release the official nomination petition forms for district-based offices in January.

However, approved nomination petition forms for statewide / non-district offices will still be made available by our office on October 1. These forms can be obtained by contacting our office or downloading them from our website at

Office of the Secretary of State for New Mexico

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