Summit1g explains why it’s not streaming New World on Twitch

Veteran Twitch streamer Summit1g reveals to his viewers his reasoning why he won’t be playing Amazon’s new MMORPG, New World.

Summit1g criticizes the New World

Released on September 28 after several betas and delays, Amazon’s MMORPG New world has become the topic of conversation in the video game world. The launch of the game saw New worldSteam’s player count immediately reaches half a million, and Steam’s daily count peaks at around 840,000, making it the most played game on Steam right now.

The game was also very successful on Twitch, with a slew of big-name streamers like Shroud and Asmongold sharing their New world experiences. Despite the game’s rapid success, there is one particularly popular Twitch streamer, Summit1g, who has no interest in live streaming. New world right now.

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A seasoned Twitch veteran who started broadcasting on the site in 2012, Summit1G is most recently known for his world record. Max payne 3 speedrun and amassed a staggering 5.9 million Twitch subscribers. During a recent Twitch stream on September 30, Summit1g shared his feelings about Amazon’s MMO with viewers, “When it comes to New world, I’m just going to let other people test the waters. We’ll see if it’s good through them, ”Summit1g explained to viewers,“ I don’t want to spend my whole day grinding. ”

New World Syndicate faction

Summit1g then developed its thoughts on New world and MMOs in general versus other genres like competitive shooter games, “I’d rather have cool, cheeky 1v1s than 6v6s … That’s the thing with MMOs, there’s a cap and everyone reaches it. This means that everyone else below them is catching up.

The lack of significant MMORPG versions outside of expansion packs may have left room for New world in MMORPG space. Activision Blizzard World of warcraft gets caught up in a messy legal battle over the treatment of its workers, and Final Fantasy 14is to come Endwalker The expansion is not expected to be released until November 23. Apart from New world, there are very few new IPs in the MMO space, especially those with such a large budget as Amazon’s offering.

Summit1g certainly has some criticism regarding New world and the nature of MMORPGs compared to competitive shooters like Counter strike Where valiant. MMORPG like New world are usually built around grinding and building your character over time, instead of the quick decision-making and reflexes used in online first person shooters like Call of Duty: War Zone. Games are just trying to achieve different goals with their designs and as such will attract contrasting types of players. With Summit1g’s preferences, it probably won’t play New world soon.

New world is available on PC.

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