8 Amazing Video Game Rewards Only For Unlocked EVIL Players

As much as I would like to sit here and tell you that being good always pays in the end, it is all too true in our society that those with bold morals tend to climb the ladder of success much faster than the rest of us.

After all, if you don’t care about the little things like ordinary decency and morality, then of course people are going to hire you to sell their shady wares. It seems even video games haven’t shied away from giving away every now and then to those whose souls are grayer than their costumes, as the titles we’re going to be reviewing today are actively handing out some of the best rewards to gamers absolutely. Wrong !

So let’s take a look back at the time when you had the opportunity to sacrifice your morale and friends in order to earn some nice rewards!

Oh and just a quick note, dishonorable mention to Fall Guys here, because if you’ve ever won a crown on this game, you were a truly heartless and cruel bastard to get it. I know it and you know it.

When you play an undead nightlord with such a fondness for the red stuff flowing through your body that you’d think he has tomatophagy, you might start to think that Kain from the Legacy Of Kain series isn’t. maybe not the kind of stand up chap you would invite to a game of bridge with your grandmother.

And you would be right because he would probably throw the poor bridge chick into a bag full of angry rats if there was any chance to improve his personal situation. Aiming to become the lord of all life and death, Kain’s noble goals see him wielding a truly astonishing amount of cruel and unusual weapons, and in order to wield them he must visit Blood Shrines to improve his skills. and his powers in exchange for his blood.

So far so terrifying, isn’t it? Well, it didn’t take long for evil players to find a way to trick these fountains into giving them even more fangs for their money. You see that the fountains require a portion of blood to be given in exchange for their power, and will damage Kain if he is “too greedy”, but the fountain does not specify that it must be his own blood flowing in. the pool, and as such, that tracker you just used mind control on looks more like a walking blood bank.

After making a quick deposit, Kain can enjoy all of the perks without any of the downsides, which makes evil gambling games much easier.

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