Rage Quit Video: Popular Twitch Streamer Destroys Controller After Missing Goal In ‘FIFA 22’

Wanted Twitch streamer Edwin “Castro_1021” lost his temper following a failure in the dying moments of a FIFA 22 match that resulted in his Xbox losing a controller due to a rage shutdown.

Castro_1021 has always been a huge fan of FIFA, and this year’s game, FIFA 22, is no exception. However, Castro has a habit of getting too enthusiastic about the game, as evidenced by a recent stream.

Although EA Sports have released a new version of their iconic soccer simulator, FIFA 22 retains the same intensity and adrenaline, resulting in some spectacular situations causing gamers to rage.

Longtime FIFA Ultimate Team streamer enthusiasts know that if there’s a FIFA game to play, it’s going to be there to open packs, formulate lineups, and rise through the ranks online.

Twitch streamer Castro_1021 was sent back to the gaming experience pits, this time in a tense back-and-forth with a single opponent. FIFA can get intense at times, but that’s because weird things happen like the rage that stops.

As reported by Dexerto, previously on Castro_1021’s Twitch show on October 5, he performed admirably in a slow match while nearing a clutch finish, but was then barely dismissed.

Castro headed for the second half tied at 1-1 after responding to an early goal. Considering his latency issues, starting anything in his third attacker was a welcome relief.

The Twitch streamer was then eliminated at 1-2. This is where the FIFA player instinctively stops launching towards the nearest object in the air. Most of the time, these objects are often what they already have in their hands.

Also, the game was played at the last minute and Castro_1021 had the momentum to equalize, but his FUT forwards were unavailable that day.

The last chance was saved by a flying goalie, and that was the end of it. Castro savagely attacked his controller, slamming him heavily to the ground as he bounced back to his height. Castro admitted he had experienced gamer rage. He briefly mentioned that it was his beloved Xbox controller.

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Broken controllers are commonplace, according to Comicbook. Since the beginning of the video game industry, gamers have broken controllers with irritation, but the invention of the wireless controller around 20 years ago made serious damage much easier.

It’s easier to generate momentum with a wired controller, but as Castro demonstrated during the flow, it’s easy to knock a wireless controller against the ground in desperation.

However, Twitch streamer Castro_1021 isn’t the best example to emulate due to the undeniably high cost of controllers. The controller seen is from an Xbox Series X Pulse Red purchased from the Microsoft Store for $ 59.99, which isn’t exactly the cheapest.

With the price tag of $ 59.99, gamers can purchase a brand new game or four months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for that price. We’re humans and we’re all frustrated at times, but it’s important to keep a cool head and consider alternatives before you smash a controller to the ground. After a grueling game, find a relaxing game to play or a leisure activity to calm down.

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