The best Twitch streamers with the most followers

Félix Lengyel is the French-Canadian streamer you will see online most of the time. The roots of this controversial personality lie in one of the most toxic games of all time – League of Legends, but it didn’t last as long as some might think (not then, at least).

He went to Monitoring and played for several teams for a year until deciding to just stream. It didn’t last that long, and xQc jumped into esports again, winning the 2017 Overwatch World Cup MVP despite losing the tournament to the champions.

After some ups and downs with his newest team, Gladiators Legion, xQc just dumped everything and streamed everything he had. Now he lives an average of nine hours a day and he streams more or less anything – from games suggested by viewers to his latest craze which is GTA 5, and previously – valiant, where it broadcast about 113 hours in eight days, with three broadcasts in 20 hours.

So yes, you can tell he’s very interested. Not without some controversy, however. He has seen his account suspended several times – to name a few, once while playing Monitoring for reporting players he leaned on for random reasons, such as not switching heroes after playing like a noob and being dead; another time it was because he threw a match-fixing, and a third time because he was toxic, you guessed it, League of Legends

He’s also been fined a few thousand dollars by the Overwatch League and been banned from Twitch at least four times for showing X-rated stuff, and so on. Overall a fun guy.

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