Chinese streamer iQiyi unveils 260-track Metaverse slate

Chinese streamer iQiyi has unveiled a new content roster with some 260 films, TV series and variety shows that he says capture the zeitgeist and the realities of youth.

Foremost in the new lineup are two collections the company has likened to a metaverse, which are “able to transfer people to another world through immersive stories.” One of the new universes focuses on traditional Chinese stories and is called “the ancient Chinese city universe”. The other, known as the ‘Light On’ Universe, focuses on suspenseful stories.

The new generation of programming aspires to forge new relationships between viewers and content, uses revolutionary technology to enable interaction between characters, scenes and stories, and turns viewers into active participants who experience stories and stories. evolve with the content.

The new shows were unveiled in Shanghai on Friday at the iJoy conference that looked like a tech company’s hardware launch. The company said the integration of technology and content represents the future direction of entertainment. And with some 70 in-house production companies acquired or started, the company has considerable leverage to achieve its vision.

In March, he launched The9 “X-City”, an extended reality concert, supported by his XR technologies which achieved a high level of immersion and real-time interaction between fans and The9, a girl group. created by iQiyi through its “Youth With You”. reality show 2 “.

The new drama series straddle four main genres: epic, hero, story and romance, with titles such as “A Lifelong Journey”, “Life is a Long Quiet River”, “Vacation of Love 2”, “Piercing The Dark”, “A Love Never Lost” and “The Wind Blows from Longxi”.

The suspenseful universe “Light On” will feature titles such as “The Pavilion”, “Wisher”, “Who is the Murderer” and “Gold Panning”. The “Laugh On” universe includes local comedians famous for titles such as “De Yun Theater and The Comic Bang”, “The Accidental Physicians” and “The Lord of Losers”.

Variety shows are available in a range of flavors and include music shows “Metaverse Singer”, “The Rap of China 2022” and “Music Campus” and “thriller variety shows” such as “The Detectives’ Adventures. 2 “and” Game of Shark 2 “, which take advantage of technology and enable young people to engage online.

Ongoing broadcasts included: “Mr. Housework 4 ”,“ Be with You 2 ”,“ Yes, I Do 3 ”and“ Working Mom 2 ”, which, according to the company,“ provide nuanced portraits of young people at different stages and aspects of their lives ”.

Majority-owned by Baidu and listed separately on the NASDAQ stock market, iQIYI is a powerful player in China. In its latest financial report, the company claims 105.2 million subscribed members. It is not clear whether that figure includes overseas subscribers in territories such as Thailand and Malaysia where its separately run iQiyi International is starting to make headway.

The company’s finances, however, remain a concern. In more than eleven years, he has failed to make an annual profit. And the latest iQIYI share price of $ 8.50 is less than half the company’s 2018 IPO price of $ 18 per ADR, leaving its current market cap at $ 6.66 billion.

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