Are you not responsible for suicide if you attract?

Deaths during live broadcasts: The past two years have been particularly difficult for people around the world, with pandemics, deaths, isolation and social cuts, many have suddenly realized the importance of mental health. The recent announcement of the suicide of a Chinese influencer on a live broadcast is another shock for all of us.

Trigger warning: This article deals with topics related to suicide.

Despite people’s increased awareness of discussions about mental health and therapy, only a few on social media care. With the increase in the number of influencers on social networks, their trolls have also grown stronger.

In many cases, when an influencer shares their vulnerabilities or sanity with their followers, there are anonymous social media accounts that troll using words, situations, and storytelling that often even trigger readers to such. comments.

Luo Xiao Mao Zi’s friends claimed that she was already struggling with depression and the live suicide talk was just meant to scare the boyfriend into paying attention. That’s when things got out of hand and a few in the audience reportedly suggested he drink pesticides. Few of them alerted, but others reportedly remained silent and watched the incident unfold.

The 25-year-old vlogger then turned off the camera and called an ambulance. The next day she was pronounced dead. The stream took place on the Douyin application.

It’s scary on many levels because, unfortunately, it’s not the first time that an influencer has committed suicide during the live broadcast. In addition, she was clearly asking for help with mental illness. The first thing to do was to inform an authority, but instead, people chose to suggest his poison.

This incident not only raises concerns about the behavioral aspect of a viewer or a live audience, but why do influencers choose to go online and kill themselves? Or ask questions about mental health to a group of people who clearly have no idea or expertise on the subject?

How easy is it to blame the influencer for choosing to live stream, calling them fake, etc. ? How can applications ensure security in such cases?

This incident caused a wave of anger and shock, with people wondering: Wouldn’t the situation have happened if the app had intervened while it was expressing suicidal thoughts?

A media platform called this phenomenon ‘the crowd of bait’ in where a crowd of individuals unify their aggressiveness towards complete strangers in situations like the threat of suicide. It happened offline in China in 2018, when a 19-year-old considered suicide when no one took her allegations of sexual assault seriously. As she stood on the ledge of the building, a few people below clapped and clapped her, while others actively urged her to jump. After his death, a complaint for “disrespect for life” was filed against several spectators.

Reacting to the deaths of the influencers, one Weibo user wrote: “The live broadcast was his last cry for help, but these people are pure freaks. It makes me sick to my heart.

These cases are not isolated, they reflect the larger mindset of society which is unable to understand human grief and takes it as “fake” or deliberately characterizes someone’s emotion as fake. The solution to these cases must evolve depending on what an application or Internet platform can do to prevent this type of incident from happening. The internet has given us a lot of stimulating things, but we can’t ignore the darker side of it.

The opinions expressed are those of the author.

If you are or know someone in distress, kindly contact them and call your local emergency services.

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