10 completely bizarre collectible video game costumes

Every video game character must be dressed to be successful, and many famous people are recognized by something as simple as clothing. From Mario’s famous red hat to Sonic’s sneakers, dozens of characters are known primarily by their looks alone. That said, it’s always nice when game developers come up with unlockable outfits to give their player characters a bit of personality.

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While many of the costumes are simple cosmetic changes or palette swaps, many games feature totally weird unlockable skins. They can be as simple as a goofy hat or as weird as a full clown costume, but there’s no denying that a lot of these looks are out of left field.

The Stinger (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Rocket wearing Stinger outfit in Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy

While that’s not too bizarre, given that the wearer is the famous Rocket Raccoon, seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy brains strut through the star systems dressed in an elegant silk suit is a bit out of character for the ringtail normally dressed tactically. But with that in mind, he works the look better than anyone.

Based on his Ocean’s-Elevenoutfit inspired by the cover of Rocket # 1, the costume is one of dozens of unlockable outfits and costumes featured in Square’s guardians of the galaxy video game. It’s certainly not the weirdest on the list, but it’s easily the most stylish.

Bunny Girl Outfit (Dragon Quest Series)

Jade in her bunny costume for Dragon Quest 11

It could be a bit mean for something as colorful and healthy as the Dragon Quest franchise, but there’s no denying that having a parody of a Playboy Bunny in your Adventurer Party isn’t funny. It might not be the most practical set of armor, but Jade makes it work.

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Jade is already a femme fatale in the franchise, and putting her in the outfit is basically like putting a hat on a hat. Even so, it is a clear and present example of what many in the JRPG and anime community like to call “fan service.”

Batman ’66 (Batman: Arkham Knight)

Batman in his Arkham Knight TV series costume

The only thing less practical than fighting slimes, goblins, and dragons in a skinny bunny outfit would be to face Gotham’s Rogues Gallery in a silky, shiny 1960s Batsuit. Knight of arkham presents the best of Batman costumes, that of Adam West Batman series is probably the least protective.

Adam West was certainly a trailblazer for Batman and various Dark Knight adaptations that followed, but the idea of ​​this campy Caped Crusader could survive the perils of the Arkham the series is a bit ridiculous. The Cloth Batsuit might allow for more movement, but Bruce could walk away for a fight or two in this outfit.

Bombastic Bagman (Spider-Man)

Spider Man swinging in his Bag Man costume

It’s slick, it’s impractical, but it’s just plain silly. Consisting of a spare Fantastic Four outfit and a paper bag with eye holes, this skin, available in Marvel’s Spider-Man, isn’t exactly the most flattering piece of clothing in Peter Parker’s closet.

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In the comics, Peter was forced to slip into this makeshift number after a certain symbiote damaged his original costume. This is a great solution if one wants to hide their identity in a pinch, but when it comes to an awesome spider costume, it leaves a lot to be desired.

Disco Inferno (Dante’s Hell)

Dante wearing an unlockable disco costume for Dante's Inferno

Fighting the forces of Hell to save his bride from the clutches of Satan himself doesn’t have to be serious, especially with this groovy set of threads found in Dante’s Hell. It doesn’t offer any perks, buffs, or bonuses, but it’s definitely one of those costumes that is just plain fun.

It might be a wacky pun, but there is always something satisfying about playing one of the best hack and slash video games and killing demons and monsters while wearing a white disco costume. Now if only Lucifer’s boss level was on a dance floor.

Ninja Mime (Mortal Kombat X)

Johnny Cage in Ninja Mime Skin in Mortal Kombat X

Johnny Cage is by no means a character who takes life too seriously, so it’s no surprise that his Ninja Mime outfit has morphed into an alternate costume. A reference to the fictional film mentioned in the dialogue of MK9, the outfit is just as hot as the man in the cage himself.

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Taking out ninjas, cyborgs, and older gods while putting on a clown’s face makeup might not be the most apt image for the series, but Cage’s appetite for extravagants really shines with this. inclusion. If it was someone else, it just wouldn’t work.

Various Nintendo costumes (Bayonetta)

The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Nintendo 3DS Worlds

One of the things that makes Bayonetta such a memorable character is her dedication to serving fans. Her supersexualized nature is completely done in parody terms as a sort of ironic nod to fans, but the fun doesn’t end there. Bayonetta is an absolute bombshell, but it’s a bit unusual to see her mowing down various enemies disguised as various Nintendo characters.

Granted, the Link set works to her advantage, but there is something incredibly shocking about her wearing Princess Peach’s pink ensemble or Fox Mccloud’s furry ears.

Gerudo Armor (Breath Of The Wild)

BOTW Cosplay Gerudo Set Link Vai

While the Tingle outfit is just as odd, the Gerudo armor attracts much more fan attention. Link must have done a lot of things in his quest for Zelda over the years. He’s fought monsters, escaped mazes, dived into water temples, and now he can add drag clothes to sneak around any city on the list.

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It might not be the most worthy set of her wardrobe, but it helps her gain access to the Gerudo Estate in Breath of nature. So what if it doesn’t really work as a handy armor, at least players feel fine for a quest or two.

Cod Of War

Kratos fish in God of War

Easily one of the most ridiculous costumes on the list, the only thing that makes the giant fish costume more hilarious is the character wearing it. Kratos is one of the most intimidating characters in the video game, having worked his way through dozens of deities and demigods, but watching him start over while wearing the Cod of War skin is absolutely ridiculous.

It’s impossible to imagine Kratos being particularly happy in this outrageous outfit, but it definitely made a number of players smile. Of course, the same cannot be said of the legions of enemies he destroys.

The Tofu Survivor (Resident Evil 2)

Tofu in Resident Evil remake

The scary and the horrible resident Evil The series is no stranger to goofy costumes in their games, with characters like Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield wearing outfits like a knight, gangster, and bunny girl is pretty much normal for the course. But when the topic of vegan zombies kicks in, things get really silly.

The Tofu Survivor skin from the second installment basically has players fending off hordes of zombies like a giant block of tofu. There is no reason for this thing to exist other than pure comedic fun, not for fans to complain.

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