The biggest news of the week on video games (October 30 to November 5)

Square Enix turns around, an update arrives early, and an extended look at Elden Ring in this week’s Biggest Stories.

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It’s been something of a mixed bag in the gaming world this week. Forza Horizon 5 arrived on Friday and according to its reviews, it really is a contender for the game of the year. We were also shown nearly 20 minutes of footage of Elden Ring, which could well be the Game of the Year 2022. Elsewhere, Roblox players haven’t been able to access the game for days, and fans of Roblox haven’t been able to access the game for days. Wizards Unite have been informed that they will soon no longer be able to access the Pokemon Go spin-off. More on all of this below and more on the biggest video game news from the past seven days.

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Roblox was down for three days

Players of any online game with a large player base will be all too familiar with downed servers. The problem is usually resolved fairly quickly, but can still be quite frustrating. Sadly, Roblox players were left in serverless limbo for three days, and no less for a weekend. Some blamed the server failure during Roblox’s Chipotle-powered Halloween event, although this was not the case, and the game’s developers revealed that an increase in the number of servers was behind it. of the outage when Roblox finally restarted on Monday.

Wizards Unite is shutting down

Wizards Unite player promotional image

Roblox players who haven’t been able to get into their game for three days should have a thought for fans of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Niantic revealed this week that its Pokemon Go AR tracking will end in 2022. Wizards Unite will be removed from app stores next month, then closed permanently on January 31, 2022. Niantic was not dissuaded from trying for replicate the success of Pokemon Go, however. Last week, he released Pikmin Bloom, an augmented reality game featuring many of the elements that made Pokemon Go such a success.

Marvel’s Avengers no longer pays to win

During the construction of the Marvel’s Avengers launch, Square Enix repeatedly confirmed that the game will not include any paid items. That’s why when they were added last month, there was quite a reaction from the few people who still play it. So much so that Square Enix has now reversed its decision. It might be too little too late for Avengers, however. Square admitted this week that the game had been disappointing. There is good news if you play the game on PlayStation. Spider-Man finally switches to Avengers at the end of this month.

Animal Crossing DLC ​​Coming Early

Animal Crossing Desk

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ next major update was still supposed to arrive this week. We all knew it. The thing is, it wasn’t supposed to be there until Friday. When he arrived a day earlier, people went into a state of panic for two reasons. Either you were eager to be among the first to try the update, or you are a guide writer who had time on Friday to try out the update that fell into chaos on Thursday. The update brought new hairstyles and the ability to store DIY recipes, among other things.

19 Minutes of the Ancient Ring

While we’re not the type to encourage people to wish their lives, especially with so many great games coming up in 2021, it’s hard not to dream that it was already February. Especially after 15 minutes (which was actually closer to 20) Elden Ring was featured by FromSoftware earlier this week. The preview was the most comprehensive look at the Souls game to date, featuring a battle with a dragon and how co-op will work in the game. Not long to wait for it to happen, and now we have all that gameplay. to watch over and over again to keep us going until launch.

Forza Horizon 5 could be the game of the year

forza horizon 5

via playground games

Less towards 2022 and more towards 2021. After all, there are still two months left, and this week has shown that the Game of the Year may not even have launched yet. Forza Horizon 5 arrived this week and the reviews were better than expected. It has reached the top of the rankings on several websites and is being praised for a variety of reasons. The game is beautiful and has been described by some as the best racing game ever. Praise indeed, and we’ll see if the masses agree with that over the weekend.

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