Ludwig created a secret YouTube channel and it was an instant success

Content creator Ludwig comes up with a plan to see if the success of a YouTube or Twitch channel is more about luck or skill.

ludwig secret youtube channel success

It’s not uncommon to see YouTube or Twitch creators who have been posting content for years and still only have a few thousand followers, when a channel with very similar content can seemingly explode overnight. . YouTuber Louis was curious about this phenomenon and wanted to see if the secret behind creating a successful chain is more based on luck or skill.

Building a thriving channel on YouTube or Twitch is a very appealing idea to millions of people around the world. It is an opportunity for people who do not necessarily have talent in a traditional medium to acquire some form of fame and financial stability. Still, it’s easy for people to view the success of designers like Pokimane, Ludwig, or xQc as pure luck, regardless of the long hours of work spent on and off the camera learning and honing their craft.

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Ludwig decided to start a whole new YouTube channel to see if he could get a substantial number of views without relying on his name or brand. Before starting the project, he checked out with successful YouTuber Mr. Beast, who has over 100 million subscribers across multiple channels. Mr. Beast was of the opinion that “it’s a 99% skill”. So Ludwig gave himself 24 hours to get at least 1,000 views on a video posted to the new channel, and if he didn’t meet that target, the YouTuber promised he would take down his main channel. “This is how confident I am.”

Obviously, Ludwig couldn’t use her name, voice, or face on the new channel, called Online Lore. He hired a voice actor from Fiverr to read the script he had written, then an editor edited the video. His favorite subject was his fellow content creator, Twitch streamer Mizkif. He then promoted the new video on Mizkif’s subreddit and visited the streamer’s channel to spam the video link. Ludwig then caught Mizkif’s attention with a $ 50 donation and a selfish message that prompted Mizkif to watch the video while it was broadcast. Mizkif’s response was, “You don’t even have any other videos, man… You know what you’re doing.” He then shared the video link, his chat went crazy, and Ludwig’s video went from 22 views to over 1,000 in a matter of minutes.

The results of Ludwig’s YouTube experiment are inconsistent. There is a difference between skill and experience, and Ludwig certainly relied on the skills acquired over years of experience to ensure that the video he posted was a success. But most people don’t come to the table with innate skills or prior experience. There’s also the matter of the content of the video, which specifically targeted a content creator’s ego and used that to boost view counts. A nifty move, no doubt, but what about people who want to stream games and not make documentary-style videos that can grab the subject’s attention to gain views? Either way, maybe people who want to get started on YouTube or Twitch can use some of the information in Ludwig’s Lore’s online video for tips on how to be successful.

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