Win a copy of the lost FMV game American Hero, brought back to life by Ziggurat Interactive

If you’ve ever wanted to own a truly obscure piece of video game history, then you’re in luck. We are offering codes for the American Hero Interactive Movie Love Restoration by Ziggurat Interactive and Empty Clip Studios, and you might have the chance to add this unique game to your library.

American Hero, If You Are Unaware Of Your Lost Game Artifacts, is a Moving Video Game (FMV) that focuses on a former US intelligence officer named Jack, who must stop a nefarious plot involving a sinister virus. spreading through the Los Angeles Water Supply. It was originally developed for the Atari Jaguar CD and had even shot the entire movie portion of the game, but was canceled before it could be completed thanks to Jaguar’s less than stellar sales.

But now Ziggurat Interactive has teamed up with developer Empty Clip Studios to complete the game using restored footage already shot almost 30 years ago. It’s no easy task – American Hero was designed for a seamless FMV experience, where your split-second decisions would instantly lead to the next branch on your chosen story path. And with plenty of decisions to make as you progress through the fast-paced, action-packed story, there are plenty of quick transitions to be implemented.

You can also expect a star-studded cast reacting to your tough decisions, with star Timothy Bottoms (best known for his roles in The Last Picture Show and Elephant) returning to provide a new voiceover for this release. He’s joined by Daniel Roebuck (of The Fugitive and Final Destination) and Musetta Vander (of O Brother, Where Art Thou and Wild Wild West), and a few other faces you’ll likely recognize. And this being a relic of the ’90s FMV craze, you can rest assured that their performances in American Hero will be worth watching.

American Hero is out now on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC exclusively through, and you may have a chance to get a copy of the game for free as part of our competition. Head to the bottom of this article for more on what you need to do to get your hands on this previously lost game. Even if you don’t win a copy, you can still get your hands on this rare piece of gaming history right now by purchasing a copy on any platform of your choice.

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