DisguisedToast Leaves Facebook Gaming, Hints at Twitch’s Return

Popular streamer DisguisedToast announces the end of his contract and his departure from Facebook Gaming, hinting at a return of Twitch.

toast quits facebook games

Facebook Gaming quickly became a notable competitor for Ticreigns as the best live streaming platform for the past couple of years. At least part of that increase is due to Facebook Gaming signing streamer DisguisedToast, who in 2018 was one of Twitch’s up-and-coming talents. On Facebook, the fame of DisguisedToast increased as it became one of the most popular Among us online streamers. Now, however, DisguisedToast’s Facebook gaming contract has come to an end, leaving many wondering where its next home will be.

DisguisedToast officially announced its departure from Facebook on Wednesday, November 16. In a post shared on both Facebook and Twitter, DisguisedToast announced that “Today marks my last day of live streaming on the platform.” He went on to say that the past two years have been marked by some of the “best times of my career” and that he wished Facebook success in the future. In the statement, DisguisedToast makes no mention of where it is going or its plans.


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A day later, DisguisedToast has yet to start streaming on a new platform. However, he left what could be a clue to his future plans. A friend and fellow streamer named Hafu responded to Toast’s Facebook Gaming post on Twitter, saying she was thrilled to see Toast thrive wherever he goes next. Toast responded to Hafu, saying he might have to “move [her] from “friend” to “competition” again. “Hafu notably broadcasts on Twitch.

Many DisguisedToast fans believe his post that he’ll see Hafu as “competition” again means he’ll be streaming back to Twitch. It definitely seems like a very real possibility. Toast has been taking trips on Twitch for the past few months. His Facebook gaming contract allowed him to stream there, as long as he wasn’t monetized and just chatting with friends. It was as if DisguisedToast was setting the stage for its return to Twitch, to see if its audience was still there.

Until DisguisedToast takes the plunge, nothing is certain. Toast could still decide to go to Youtube, for example. Toasts Among us videos regularly get millions of views and Toast even teased reading Among us again before too long. It also matches the fact that Hafu is a competition, as Hafu posts Youtube videos almost daily.

One thing that seems almost certain is that fans of DisguisedToast probably won’t have to wait long to see where the streamer goes next, whether it’s Twitch, Youtube, or a mystery platform. Toast never stays away from streaming for a long time. Plus, he recently changed his logo, removing the hat from his mustached toast figure, perhaps indicating his enthusiasm for a fresh start and a new Toast.

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