Dudley Council to Bill Green Bin Collections

DUDLEY’s council has unveiled plans to charge residents for the collection of green bins – which will be extended to cover most of the year.

Bi-monthly green waste collections will be extended to 50 weeks per year, with collections being suspended only during the Christmas holidays.

This is an increase from the current 32-week free service under plans included in the council’s budget proposals released today (Tuesday, December 7).

The proposals imply that collections become a paid service, with counselors to finalize costs in the coming months.

The council said it would announce the cost before collections restart next spring.

Residents who do not want to pay would be able to opt out.

Public Domain Councilor Karen Shakespeare said: “We know how much people value this service.

“We have listened to complaints from people who are frustrated with the current fundraising cycle, so we know many will be happy to see us extend this to 12 months of the year.

“Most municipalities already charge to cover the costs of providing this service.

“A new paid registration service would give people the choice of whether to use it or not.

“We will do everything possible to ensure that the extended and improved service provides excellent value for our residents.

“The proposals will go through a full review process that will establish recommendations regarding pricing, which of course we will review before making a final decision on the cost to residents.”

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