Is the 355 on Amazon Prime Video?

The 355 is the most recent movie in theaters. Wondering when you can stream it? What about where The 355 will broadcast online?

January isn’t usually a month for big movies, but there will be one on your watch list. The biggest January movie in theaters is probably The 355. Jessica Chastain is directing the mighty female action flick.

It received mixed reviews from critics. This is not surprising, as this is a) a female-led movie and b) an action movie. That shouldn’t stop you from watching it, but maybe you don’t want to watch it in the movies yet.

You’ll want to wait until it’s on a streaming service. The question is, when does this movie make its way to a streamer. What streaming service is The 355 will be on?

The 355 won’t be coming to Amazon Prime Video

The bad news is that we won’t be able to watch the action movie on Amazon Prime Video. At least not with your free Prime membership.

This will not always be the case. Movies leave their original streaming platform and move on to a different one. We may see it coming to Amazon Prime Video in a few years.

Instead of Amazon, The 355 will head to HBO Now and HBO Max first. This is where all of the Universal Pictures movies headed right after their theatrical release. It will take around six months from theatrical release to make its way to the streamer.

Watch the 355 on Amazon Video

The good news is that there will be other ways to watch the movie. You can get it on Amazon Instant Video.

This will mean buying it on Digital. You will get the movie added to your Amazon library, and it will be there for you to watch as much as you want. You only pay once and end up watching the movie as much as you want.

The 355 is currently in theaters and will then make its way to HBO Now and HBO Max.

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