Organics Recycling Update: Multi-Family and Commercial Businesses

Notices will soon be mailed to all multi-family and commercial businesses providing information on how to start organics collection services.

Organic waste reduction legislation came into effect in January 2022, requiring all residents and businesses to separate organic materials (e.g. food waste, yard waste) from garbage and other non-organic recyclable materials (bottles , cans and cardboard). EDCO, the City’s waste hauler, will send the notices.

EDCO is available to help businesses and multi-family dwellings determine the appropriate level of organics collection services to best meet their needs. Upon signing up for the service, EDCO will provide residents or businesses with the appropriately sized green cart or green bin where they can collect all organic materials. The green containers will serve as a deposit for all organic materials, including meat, bones, dairy products, prepared foods, food soiled paper and green waste. The green containers will then be serviced on a weekly basis as needed, similar to the current waste and recycling collection schedule.

Additional information is available on the City’s website: Organics Recycling or by visiting EDCO Organics Recycling Information.

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