Streamer Quin69 hits back at Riot after ‘fictional’ League of Legends ban

Twitch streamer Quin69 claims Riot Games unfairly banned him from League of Legends after streamer snipers sabotaged his game.

While being a streamer has many advantages, one of the downsides of playing online in front of viewers is the risk of being chafed by users trying to ruin your game.

According to Twitch personality Quin69, his ban from League of Legends was the result of streamer snipers sabotaging his matches. He is now hitting back at Riot Games for LoL’s “fake” suspension.

Twitch: Quin69

The Twitch streamer reacted to his LoL ban in front of viewers.

Quin69 challenges League of Legends ban

The streamer got into hot water after being accused of fueling the popular MOBA. According to Riot Games customer support, they believe Quin69 quit the game after feeling he was “trolled”.

The streamer posted his explanation on Twitter and responded to it with a Twitlonger message. “The game is already over because I couldn’t play due to stream snipers repeatedly breaking the ToS to prevent me from having a legitimate ranked match,” he wrote in defense. “I see they’re clearly trying to get attention… so I decide to ‘skip it in the middle’ and alt-tab to a YT video so as not to encourage their behavior.”

Quin then claimed that the trolls themselves were the ones who reported him, and Riot Games’ decision let them off the hook. “All the stream snipers are reporting me…I’m banned. Now I’m told they’re on Discord celebrating ‘these guys got quin69 banned!!’ and now Riot has confirmed they’ve verified the video and considered it a legitimate ban while the snipers run free enjoying the whole ordeal,” he said.

Following his reaction on the social media site, the streamer then went live on Twitch and challenged Riot Games’ decision to uphold his ban using a football analogy.

“It’s like I’m playing a football game and all my teammates and enemies or the opposing team are dragging me,” he said. “We are in a ranked football game and they are doing this. So I’m like f**k that, I don’t want to be part of that. So I’m leaving the fucking football field because I’m trying to have a legit ranked football game. And the referee is like AH, RED CARD!

As of this writing, Riot Games has yet to respond to the streamer’s dispute. Quin69, however, asked the developer to review their entire VOD of the match.

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