xQc gets honest about his gambling addiction

xQc confessed that even though he previously said he was fed up with game streams, he still loves the game as he can. In a June 2021 stream, xQc explained that he thinks he gets addicted easily and can feel more and more in love with the game. Even though xQc promised to stop broadcasting his gambling games, he always found other ways to carry on.

“You can’t find another streamer who uses anything and everything to play. In every game I play, I just play,” xQc confessed. “In ‘GTA’, I play…everywhere I go, I just play. That’s all I do. I like it. I think it’s fun. I’m addicted. …I am addicted to everything I do.”

xQc went on to say that he believed he had a personality type that allowed him to easily get addicted to things. Once he starts enjoying a new kind of gameplay, it’s not hard for him to get a little too interested in it, sometimes playing for hours. xQc became impassioned in his speech about the game, shouting, “Then I shouldn’t gamble. I always do! Is it good? No! It’s terrible! It’s a disease! It’s a disease ! I am sick !”

Although xQc clearly seemed frustrated with his own behavior, going so far as to say that his game is a “disease” he can’t get rid of, he urged his fans to leave him alone about it, explaining that there is a silver lining to the whole situation.

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