Rotorua landfill charges will increase from July 1

Rotorua landfill. Photo/NZME

Rising costs and government levies have forced an increase in Rotorua’s landfill charges, says the Rotorua Lakes Board.

The general waste charge will increase by $19.83 per tonne, reflecting an increase of $10 per tonne in government taxes and an increase in the cost of goods and services (CPI) of $9.83 per tonne of waste. The current rate per tonne is $207.60.

The entry fee for green waste and concrete recycling will increase to $55 per ton of waste, instead of $50.

The increases will take effect July 1.

CPI increases are based on changes in labor and transport costs which, in turn, impact the cost of operating waste disposal services, the council said in a press release today.

“It costs to dispose of the waste created by our community and a user-pay system ensures that those who create the waste pay for its disposal, rather than the cost only going to those who pay the tariffs,” said said the council’s deputy director general for infrastructure and environment. , said Stavros Michael.

“It also protects the general taxpayer from subsidizing the cost of commercial waste management.

“We know landfill fee increases are a concern for our community, but they are necessary when the cost of disposing of waste increases.

“We encourage people to consider ways to minimize waste to reduce the need for landfill visits,” Michael said.

There are two types of central government taxation of landfills, the waste disposal tax and the emissions trading system, which was introduced to offset greenhouse gas emissions from waste in landfills. landfills by purchasing carbon credits.

The rationale for central government taxes is that rising waste disposal costs encourage users to reduce the amount of waste they generate and/or divert more waste to recycling.

“A lot is already happening to reduce the amount of waste from our district that goes to landfill, including recycling and composting sewage sludge,” Michael said.

“If we introduce an organic waste collection service, which is currently being explored, we could see up to nearly 75% of municipal waste in our district being diverted to other beneficial uses.”

Public education programs will continue to encourage residents to think about the waste they generate and consider alternative ways to deal with it.

Options such as home composting, thrift stores and good recycling habits will help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and reduce the carbon emissions for which the contractor operating the waste transfer station from Rotorua has to pay, said Michael.

The last fee change was in July 2021, when government regulations increased the waste disposal tax and the cost of carbon emissions, which impacted landfill fees across the country.

Waste Management has provided an FAQ on how the National waste disposal tax and the Emission trading system affect discharge costs. Click on the links to read them.

The new waste disposal charges at the Rotorua Landfill Waste Transfer Station (Rotorua Landfill) are described below. All prices include GST:

Car/Station Wagon – $23.50
Single axle trailer/Van/Ute (up to 250 kg) $58.00 – Over 250 kg – ton rate applies
General Truck – Per Ton – $230.40 – Minimum Charge $58.00

Car/Station Wagon – $11.00
Single Axle Trailer/Van/Ute – $20.00 – Over 350 kg – ton rate applies
General Truck – Per Ton $55.00 – Minimum Charge $20.00

All Weigh Vehicles – Per Ton – $55.00

All vehicles – $15.00

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