Online gambling and harassment hotline adds resource to protect against hate raids

The Online Gaming and Harassment Hotline today announced a new tool for the gaming community to address toxicity and harassment: a Hate Crimes Resource.

Hate Raids is a topic that most recently surfaced last year, where streamers would use the Raid feature on Twitch as an analogy to support other streams as a way to dial in the voice of a more marginalized streamer. and show their feelings of desanguish. When hate raids became an omnipotent phenomenon, many Twitch streamers boycotted Twitch in protest, if they wanted to change it. While this feature has added a number of useful things to reduce the volume of these raids, they still impact many year-over-year streamers.

We’ve put together the ultimate Hate Raid mitigation guide! Thanks for sharing! How to prepare for a dungeon: How to stop a dungeon: How to launch with the sand, how to raise a dungeon: The long journey to a dungeon of the dead, how to do it uninvited, for butter, as well as for a dungeon .

Online Gaming and Harassment Hotline (@GamesHotline) August 2, 2022.

It is the human resource. The Hotline guide shows how to prepare a fire to help people at the right time and maximize the impact of an event. There is advice and support for mental health and community support following a hate raid. In addition to tips, the guide also contains a number of tools that can help streamers identify and ban bots or other malicious users in advance, as well as links to resources from Twitch and other organizations. .

“There is no one right way to respond to harassment,” the guide reads. Self-esteem is one of the most important things to do in the face of ongoing bullying. So keep in mind that those who allow hate raids can behave in whatever way suits you. It’s OK to stop broadcasting, to keep broadcasting, to talk about it, to keep talking about it, to not talk about it, to be angry, to feel embarrassed, to feel intimidated. Remember that online harassment is not your fault.

The Online Gaming and Harassment Hotline was established in 2020 in response to the wave of sexual misconduct and harassment allegations sweeping the gaming industry. The hotline is a private SMS support, a free and confidential support that anyone involved in gambling can use in case of harassment or harassment for help and money.

Besides hate theft, his website has other resources such as mental health and safety that help the gaming community mitigate online harassment and be careful when being abused.

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