Xbox Game Pass gets full family plan with testing to start today in Colombia and Ireland

In an age of myriad online subscription plans, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass stands out among all others for its relatively affordable price and consumer value. The suite of video games provided on the service, often including even day one releases, offers gamers an endless doorway to countless experiences, but has long lacked sharing.

Thursday, August 4, all changes as Microsoft announced that Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will get a new family plan option allowing up to four other people to enjoy the expanded list of games available on the service. The company is testing the Family Plan option for the first time in Ireland and Colombia starting today, according to Tyler Mittleider, senior technical program manager at Microsoft, in an official blog post.

The option has long been rumored, specifically led by Windows Central’s Jez Corden, as subscribers commonly compare the service to Netflix, although password sharing isn’t viable. There are a total of three current subscription tiers for the service, the Game Pass option for PC only and Xbox console only at $9.99 and Game Pass Ultimate at $14.99. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes access to console and PC games, as well as online multiplayer functionality and EA Play access.

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One note, however, is that access to the family plan is only available to up to four other guests as long as they live in the same country, making it rather limited for those who may have family members. family living abroad. Still, despite regional limitations, the Game Pass Ultimate Family Plan is a step in the right direction to give an entire household easy access to a wide assortment of games.

For Xbox Game Pass subscribers living in Ireland and Colombia who want to try out this new Family Plan option, signing up is made easy through the Microsoft Store. Purchasing the preview beta will opt those subscribers into a new plan that is “based on the monetary value of the old subscription.” This is further proof that the Family Plan will, in fact, be its own fourth tier of service when it officially releases.

Some things to note, however, are that some parts of the preview have not yet been fully localized for Colombia, meaning some menus will be shown in English. Xbox All Access members are not permitted to participate in the preview. For existing Game Pass subscribers who are invited by a family plan beta tester, they will need to cancel their existing plan, in order for the conversion to work properly. Finally, membership sharing is, as mentioned earlier, so far only available to residents living in the same country.

The new Microsoft Family Plan Game Pass push comes at an interesting time as mega-streamer Netflix takes on the enforcement of password sharing. While different from Game Pass, PlayStation’s own Plus subscription model, which recently received a major overhaul, isn’t exactly family-friendly. There aren’t as many console-wide sharing options as there is a single-console Family Sharing option, where the company allows a PS Plus-subscribed user to set their console as the main system in the household, allowing anyone else who signs up to use PS Plus through it.

Nintendo offers a Nintendo Switch Online family membership option, allowing a user to collect up to eight varied Nintendo Accounts into a family group. However, Nintendo’s Family Subscription Plan costs $34.99 per year and includes all the same benefits as the upgraded plan, with additional free games, DLCs, and more.

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