Letter: High Peak Council must sort priorities on our bin collections

My wife and I produce little food waste, but we have a larger garden than many, and the typical trash can in our home is a green trash can full of yard waste and food, a brown trash can half full of cardboard, glass and plastic. , and a black bin a quarter full of non-recyclable waste, and they each need to be emptied once every fortnight.

Recently we had recycling week, when the green and brown bins should have been emptied. The brown bins were emptied in time, but the green bins remained full. When I attempted to report it, the website said there had been operational difficulties and that the green bins would be emptied next time.

Each Christmas, the High Peak Council chooses to collect only the brown bins, leaving the green to fester for another two weeks, despite the additional food waste likely to be generated at Christmas.

“I appreciate that the heat wave made it impossible to provide full service, but the green and black bins should definitely have been given priority,” wrote one reader.

Buxton normally has a cold climate and missing a green bin collection is just an inconvenience at Christmas, but not emptying the green bins in the same week the highest temperature records were broken is a danger for health.

Everyone who has thrown away green waste has had a smelly, fly-away bin for the next fortnight, and that will not encourage an expansion of green recycling.

Also, I pity the hard-working bin workers who had to attempt to empty the festering green bins, or more realistically half-empty them, as half the contents of each bin would be a fermented morsel that stays put!

I appreciate that the heat wave made it impossible to provide full service, but surely the green and black bins should have taken priority.

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