10 Weirdest Video Game Boss Battles

With new games like Bayonet 3 and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet at the end of 2022, fans will likely explore many fantastic new boss battles for the very first time.

Although boss fights are a huge part of video games, not all of them are as straightforward as fans expect. Some bosses are visually unorthodox, some require weird methods to finish them, and some don’t even feel like boss fights at all. Anyway, video games have come up with some really weird boss fights over the years.


negative man

The Mother the franchise hasn’t been as successful in the west as it has been in Japan, so most fans are familiar with Ness and the others from Smash Bros. The current series is full of incredibly bizarre boss fights on every level, including Mother 3The negative man.

Negative Man has a ton of HP as a boss and not much else. His attacks are all 1 HP. In fact, he usually doesn’t even attack. The strange boss, a living yellow rectangle with a face, spends most of the “boss battle” hurling self-deprecating comments at himself. The fight takes some time due to its huge HP stat, but it is almost impossible to lose the battle. This makes Negative Man one of the weirdest and easiest boss battles in video game history.

Titanic Toddler

The zombies ate my neighbors is a weird game from start to finish. The game features the titular zombies, but it’s also home to a wide variety of other monsters. In the end, the “Titanic Toddler” takes the cake as the weirdest boss in the eclectic game.

Throughout the level, the player is chased by a giant toddler boss who can be surprisingly quick and difficult to take down. The adventurous background music is combined with the toddler’s various noises and phrases to make the whole battle even more puzzling. Once the player can defeat the toddler, who is accompanied by a pair of clowns for unknown reasons, they can progress to the next bizarre level in the cult classic game.

The end

Solid metal gear is a franchise that isn’t afraid to take its story in a non-linear direction. The choices the player makes can impact the rest of the story, and nowhere is this truer than how Solid Metal Gear 3 takes care of the end.

In most cases, The End is one of the best battles in the series. The End, a former sniper known to be the best in the world, has one last battle with Snake before his death. It’s a satisfying clash for the most part – unless the player saves in the middle of the fight. If the player waits more than a week with a save file in the middle of the fight with The End, the sniper will simply die of old age and leave Snake feeling empty due to the lack of competition.

Slot machine

star fox protagonists Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi are best known for their roles in Super Smash Bros. series, both for the Smash Bros. memes and general character feats. However, their own series is also full of great heroes and villains.

One of those big bad guys is not the original intergalactic slot machine star fox. The giant slot machine can be spun by pressing the attached lever, and the player can only defeat it by rolling three “7s” in a row. Any other combination will cause enemies or projectiles to be released from the machine. Despite its absurdity, the boss is surprisingly well-liked by many star fox Fans.


MegaSmith is easily one of the weirdest final bosses in gaming history. Matrix: Neo’s Path isn’t quite like the original Agent Smith that fans may remember The matrix.

The fight begins with a cutscene featuring digital avatars of the Wachowskis explaining the upcoming battle. What the player witnesses is a pile of debris and many blacksmith agents to form a giant “MegaSmith”. The boss battle is not so absurd in real game mechanics. However, the cutscene and concept is definitely a bizarre and off-theme experience for a Matrix Game.

psycho mantis

Hideo Kojima games are certainly unique, and the original Solid metal gear is no exception. Arguably, none of the battles in the game are as iconic as the Psycho Mantis boss fight.

The battle begins with Psycho Mantis using his mind control powers on Snake’s ally, Meryl. Before the second stage of the boss battle, Psycho Mantis gives Snake a real display of his psychic powers. Mantis reads the player’s memory card, repeating all of their favorite games and playstyle before rumbles the player’s controller as a final gesture.

The Big Mighty Poo

Conker’s Bad Fur Day is one of the most entertaining video games. The game features an anthropomorphic red squirrel, Conker, with a drinking problem and a very bad attitude. Conker’s ultimate goal is simply to return home with his girlfriend Berri.

The game already has plenty of weird moments, but The Great Mighty Poo definitely takes the cake as the weirdest battle in the game. battle. To end the battle, Conker literally flushes the boss down the toilet. The whole battle finds its conclusion with a Wizard of Oz reference to top it off.

Bob the Killer Goldfish

The earthworm Jim is an eerie game from start to finish, following the adventures of the titular protagonist on her journey to find Princess What’s-Her-Name while avoiding the many antagonists who want to take her special costume.

One of the main antagonists of The earthworm Jim is Bob the Killer Goldfish, a goldfish in a bowl who mostly lets his minions fight for him. When it finally comes time for Earthworm Jim to fight this great enemy, it turns out he can just grab the fish from the bowl and eat it. Some would say it’s anticlimactic, but it’s perfect for a series like The earthworm Jim, best known for its bizarre plot and bizarre “bad endings”.


Tied to the ground, also known as Mother 2, revolves around the protagonist Ness and the life-saving adventures of her groups. In their final mission, the group battles the embodiment of evil: Giygas.

During the final battle, Giygas transforms into a bizarre, unidentifiable being. Giygas takes up the entire screen, launching unknown attacks at the player. There are only theories as to what Giygas actually is or looks like aside from the weird screen cover patterns, which makes him arguably the most interesting and abstract boss in the game.

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