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“Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed” is described as an action-packed asymmetrical multiplayer chase or haunt. If you’re not familiar with the game variant, it’s basically a genre where there are two or more groups of players with different goals and game mechanics, usually in opposition to each other. . The aforementioned “Friday the 13th” video game is a prime example, as well as the “Predator: Hunting Grounds” game.

In the new “Ghostbusters” game, you will be part of a four-player team of Ghostbusters tasked with tracking down and capturing ghosts in a number of locations. Players will use their trusty PKE meter to discover ghosts, and this little item even has a short range pulse disabling ghost movement. But you didn’t just come here to find ghosts. You came here to stop them.

In the game, your Ghostbusters team will unveil hidden rifts and teleport portals where ghosts spawn. You will need to figure out how to destroy these gateways and stop the spirits from running amok in the world. Of course, there will be many who get away with it and wreak havoc in museums, prisons and other haunted places. This is when you’ll need to pull out your Particle Launchers to fight a ghost before throwing them into your signature Ghost Trap. Bustin’ will absolutely make you feel good.

As a member of the Ghostbusters, you’ll also be able to explore the firehouse headquarters, which is full of new and recognizable characters, each with custom gear. You can connect with friends you know or play with strangers around the world in random matchmaking. If you prefer to fly solo, you can also play with and against AI robots.

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