NYK invests in Ship Waste to Fuel business

Japanit is NYK said to have invested in Sustainable Energy Co. Ltd. (Sustainable Energy), a company developing a new technology that uses subcritical water treatment to convert organic waste into fuel.

Subcritical water is water maintained in liquid form above its usual level 100 degrees Celsius boiling point, the state in which it acquires unique properties favorable to the decomposition of organic matter.

Subcritical water treatment is considered a “green” way to extract useful compounds from waste biomass.

In the case of sustainable energy, the company has developed its own integrated system which it calls the Subcritical Water Organic Waste Power Generation System, or ISOP system, which ultimately produces various energy products. green from waste.

With NYK’s investment, the size of which was not disclosed, the companies will conduct joint studies on converting organic waste generated on ships, such as garbage and sludge, into fuel using the ISOP system. .

“The ISOP system is an environmentally friendly system that does not generate harmful substances such as dioxins, unlike existing incinerators,” notes NYK.

“The ISOP system does not require waste sorting and is effective for flammable waste, vinyl and plastic, styrofoam, clothing, food waste, organic sludge, animal manure and sludge, woodchips of wood and almost all other organic substances.”

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