The 10 Most Difficult Video Game Achievements, Ranked

In 2005, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 debuted, and with it came accomplishments. Shortly after, Sony introduced its trophy system. Achievements gave players something they didn’t know they wanted from games, a tangible achievement. Today, gamers spend hours, even weeks, working to achieve every achievement in a game.


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There are achievements and trophies so difficult that even 1% of people who have played a game have acquired them. Some achievements are not difficult to obtain because they simply require too much luck, such as the “Yes, I’m the real Garry!” achievement in the popular Steam game Garry’s Mod. However, some achievements involve too much skill or weeks of play to get close to the goal.

ten This Left 4 Dead achievement puts players to the test

The easiest achievement on the list comes from fan-favorite Left 4 dead. L4D is a multiplayer zombie game where players work together to defeat hordes of infected as they journey through various campaigns and survive against specially infected who have super abilities like vomiting bile so foul that it attracts nearby hordes.

Special infected can incapacitate players and make it almost impossible to beat certain campaigns when played on expert mode, which is exactly what the “What are you trying to prove?” success asks players. The only positive thing about it is knowing that players have to beat each campaign with an expert, each campaign can be played in separate sessions, and only one survivor has to make it to the end.

9 The Floor Is Lava Stumps Support Players

Lucio is a high-speed supporting character in Surveillance. He’s an athlete and a DJ with an upbeat attitude that’s as positive as the beats he plays, which can either heal or pick up the speed of his teammates. His skates give him a unique ability that no other character on the list has: wall riding.


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The ground is lava” Achievement is given to Lucio players who get three finishers by riding a wall in Quick Play or Competitive. Once known as the hardest achievement in the game, when the back wall straddle ability was introduced many more players could try it, but to this day it eludes some.

8 Super Meat Boy when from hard to impossible

Following a trend of indie platforms in the early 2010s, Tommy Refenes and Edmund McMillen created Great meat boy. The game consists of a cute square character made of meat, as he goes through difficult levels that exist just to kill him and cut him into pieces.

The game’s difficulty is what caused the game’s popularity, so it’s no surprise that the “Achievement “Impossible Boy” was obtained by less than 0.1% of players. The achievement is awarded for completing each level without dying, it’s a gold trophy on Sony consoles, and thanks to the precision required to get it, some fans wonder if it’s possible to get it.

seven Bladder of Steel is exactly what it sounds like

“Bladder of Steel” from Rock Band 2 realization has more than six hours of continuous play, without breaks or breaks. Players must successfully play every song in “Endless Setlist 2” to unlock this achievement, and the game has built in mechanisms to combat cheating.

The playlist hosts songs from Megadeth, System of a Down, and Metallica, and the easiest way to beat a lot of them is to skip the guitar and play on the highest difficulty. But, if a player is a true finalist, they’ll probably want platinum at the same time, which will make that nearly impossible for any human who needs to eat or go to the bathroom regularly.

6 My Kung Fu is stronger is not for the faint of heart

Replay value is important in a video game, but few games require achievement hunters to search more than a minimum month of play for a digital achievement. mortal combat’s “My Kung Fu is Stronger” requires multiple objectives in addition to playing for all 27 characters for at least 24 hours – not including DLC ​​or console-exclusive fighters. Each character must have 100 kills, 100 kills, 150 x-ray hits, and 10,000 pints of blood spilled.


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This type of task would be easy for any seasoned fighting game player to complete with their mainline, but doing it for every character is truly a test of power.

5 Messiah puts the Energizer Bunny to shame

Game developers often have a sense of humor when introducing gameplay mechanics, including an achievement that instructs players not to rely on said mechanic. Nowhere is this trend more prevalent than in survival horror, and “Messiah” from Outlast 2 success takes the cake out of difficulty and the fear factor.

Outlast relies heavily on using batteries for the main character to see; this achievement requires the highest difficulty, no battery reloads, no checkpoints, and no form of save. Luckily for those afraid of the dark, there’s a low-power night mode, which makes it a little easier to see the myriad failure screens before it’s unlocked.

4 You asked for it, this is for those who love the rush

Survival horror game fans are a unique breed. Games with a lack of threat or real challenge are heavily criticized by their player base. When The evil inside introduced AKUMU mode, it gave players exactly what they wanted.

In this intense difficulty, the main character dies with a single blow. The saving grace of players who give up their attempt to “You asked for it” The good news is that there are always checkpoints and the ability to save, which means they don’t have to replay the whole game when they inevitably face defeat.

3 LASSO Master Challenges Chief Halo Players

There aren’t many games that require players to play multiple titles to earn an achievement, but the Halo: Master Chief Collection takes this honor with joy. Halo is a classic game that requires little explanation; it revolutionized online gaming, first-person shooters, and showed how serious a threat console-exclusive titles could be.

“LASO Master” requires players to beat all four main lines Halo games on Legendary difficulty, with all skulls lit up, which means there are various gameplay changes, such as bloated and harder-to-kill enemies. Not only does this achievement require a lot of time, but immeasurable skill.

2 A Gears Of War Achievement That Is Really Difficult

Many players claim that if a game is played frequently, it is more than easy enough to reach 100% of its achievements, but the armament of war franchise put that idea to the test with its “Seriously 4.0″ achievement.RELATED:

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After several installations, this achievement turned out to be the most ridiculous in that it requires an absurd number of hours, game sense and skill. To unlock it, players need to level up from level 5 to level 5, get Re-Up (prestige) at level 10, get all horde classes to level 10, complete 50 consecutive wave hordes on each map, gain a rank in each game mode, earn all the ribbons and play the campaign on insane difficulty to top it all off. These feats are truly impressive, and for the most dedicated players.

1 The world champion is for the best of the best

Gamers around the world agree that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Fighter has the most difficult achievement known to date. While the game’s player base is barren, the stats a player would need to achieve “World champion” would take even more than a month alone.

Most players would only suggest getting this code by cheating or creating multiple accounts during Advanced Warfighter’s peak popularity. Creating multiple accounts would make it easier for players to rank up if they deliberately played poorly on the smurf accounts. Even with these shady tactics, the achievement would take weeks, proving that it doesn’t matter what skill it takes to earn a spot as world champion.


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