Valkyrae’s Biggest Regret Isn’t What You Expected

Asked about her biggest professional regret, Valkyrae had a ready-made answer. While some viewers might have expected Rae to say she wished her tragic RFLCT scandal played out differently, the streamer didn’t focus on her failed skincare line. Instead, she pointed to a specific relationship in her past that made her feel bad about herself and her growing popularity online.

“My biggest regret — just the first thing I thought of, of course — is probably staying in a really toxic relationship throughout my career,” she said, pausing to put her head in her hands for added effect. “And seeing him get more and more toxic and not have the strength to leave sooner.”

Valkyrae said she often wonders what her career — and life in general — might be like if she didn’t spend so much time worrying about what another person was thinking. If she had been single, she said, she wouldn’t have had to hear the comparisons her significant other made between her and other streamers, and she wouldn’t have had to worry that her ex overprotective tries to hold her back from collaborations and friendships with other men. She explained that collaborations are a particularly important part of the streaming industry and that connections with other content creators can make or break a career. But what specifically happened in Rae’s relationship?

She doesn’t share yet. “I really wish I could share…you know, maybe one day! Let’s do this podcast in 80 years and we’ll talk about all the details!” Rae exclaimed. She explained that it was difficult at the time to understand what her relationship was like with others. The biggest problem, she considered, was under her nose all the time.

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