10 Things Fans Should Know About The WWE All Stars Video Game

All WWE Stars was released on March 29, 2011 for seventh generation consoles, and it stood out. At the time of the game’s release, the WWE only popularized SmackDown vs. Raw series. So when the spin-off title was announced, it came as a shock to video game fans.

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However, upon release, the game was well received, with some reviewers declaring the title to be the best wrestling game in years. Now, over a decade after its release, many WWE fans might even know the game is out. It’s a shame, considering the title is one of the best wrestling games of all time.


ten It’s an arcade style game

When the players picked up All WWE Stars in March 2011, many probably didn’t know how the title would play. However, they knew one thing, it wasn’t like SmackDown vs. Raw or any other title that preceded it. No, this title was an extravagant arcade game.

Players fought in a fighting game closer to mortal combat that SmackDown vs. Raw. The bright, colorful graphics were the perfect backdrop for the title and helped cement that this WWE game was different.

9 by Sal Divita

Part of the reason the title looked so colorful and different was thanks to designer Sal Divita. The veteran game developer may not be known to many fans, but he had a big impact on professional wrestling video games.

In fact, Divita was also the designer behind the hugely popular WWE WrestleMania: The Arcade Game which was released in 1995. Play All WWE Stars today it is very clear that the famous arcade title inspired the 2011 game.

8 The wrestlers had exaggerated looks

With the game being an arcade title, THQ decided it needed the models of the wrestler to stand out from their simulation counterparts. So, they decided to go bold and give them an extremely over-the-top look, to put it mildly.

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For example, John Cena is in great shape in real life, and this is reflected in games like WWE 2K. However, he looks like an almost completely different person in WWE All Stars. Cena and the whole list seem to have received a Captain America-style serum.

seven The gameplay was unique

In case it wasn’t clear, the THQ team intended to create something new and unique. They had an arcade game, and they made it extremely colorful, with the wrestlers looking cool. However, it wouldn’t matter if the gameplay wasn’t good.

Luckily it was very good. The game in All WWE Stars is combo-based and sees wrestlers fly through the air to land attacks and work to secure their finisher. The coolest thing about the gameplay is that any move can be reversed at any time, ensuring players are always in the game.

6 Path of champions

While normal WWE games have stuff like MyPlayer and Universe, All WWE Stars decided to have unique modes. One of these modes was called “Path of Champions”, and it was a gauntlet-based mode that featured three different paths.

In Path of Champions, players can select and battle legends, modern superstars, and tag teams. The mode is also put together using cutscenes from names like The Undertaker, Randy Orton, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels.

5 fantasy war

The other major mode in All WWE Stars is titled “Fantasy Warfare”. The idea behind the mode is that it features dream matches between generations. Before each match, a detailed video package is made with archival footage to create a storyline between the two.

The packages were amazing and helped build the stage perfectly for the dream matches. More importantly, this mode is the way to unlock the full roster of 30 wrestlers and secure names like Mr. Perfect and Eddie Guerrero.

4 WWE All Stars was well received

One of the reasons why All WWE Stars that is still remembered today is that it is unlike any other game released today. It also helps that the title itself is really, really good. The game received excellent reviews from fans and critics.

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The title received a 75/100 on Metacritic, which is solid. However, the title has aged even better over time, as other wrestling games have since come out that don’t play as well as All WWE Stars.

3 This was the last PS2 WWE game

The PS2 generation of WWE games were all classics. At that time, it seemed like the company couldn’t run out of titles. On the PS2, WWE released gems such as SmackDown: Here comes the pain, just bring it onand even more niche games such as Overwrite time.

In March 2011, the PS2 was already heading towards the end of its lifespan. At the end, All WWE Stars ended up as the last title to be released for the console. A fitting ending to a great time span for WWE games.

2 There wasn’t much customization

One of the best features of WWE games has always been the customization and wide range of things for fans to do. They can create a wrestler, create an arena, create new match types, create titles, and more.

However, All WWE Stars is a little different. The game doesn’t have many match types or arenas. To top it off, there aren’t too many customization options except for a limited Create-a-Wrestler mode.

1 There had to be a sequel

Following the release of All WWE Starsa spiritual successor was announced, by the name of WWE Brawl. The gameplay was very similar but took wrestlers out of the ring and had them compete in unique environments. The title was supposed to be released in 2012.

Unfortunately, the game was never released, as THQ San Diego shut down the following year. The game’s gameplay has been leaked for the past few years, showing a game that had the potential to be a classic. Unfortunately, the title was cancelled, and the closest thing to a sequel that all stars fans got the 2020s WWE Battlegroundswho was exhausted.

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