Slough council called for scrapping ‘unfair’ bin charges

PROPOSED charges for new wheelie bins ‘unfairly penalize’ households, Slough Labor backbenchers say as they call on the council to scrap the plans.

The new fees for residents wishing to replace their gray (waste) or red (recycling) binswhich are between £37 (180L) and £370 (1110L), will see this take effect from November 1, 2022, if the cabinet agrees this week,

It could bring in £40,000 a year for Slough Borough Councilwho must find new revenue and make major cuts in order to save £20m every year until 2029.

The proposed fee will not affect residents who already have a bin, only those who want a new or replacement one.

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Slough Council is also considering introducing fortnightly waste collection to save around £705,000 a year and increase the town’s low recycling rate from 28% to around 40%.

In a site review meeting, Cllr Gurdeep S. Grewal (Lab: Upton) disagreed with the proposed fee, saying it should be included in council tax, citing some advice , like Ealing, do not charge for new bins.

Speaking at Tuesday’s meeting, he said it would ‘unfairly penalize’ properties on the street, who are more at risk of their gray or red bins being damaged or stolen and may not be able to afford a new one. bac.

Cllr Grewal said: “Why are we paying £3,000 [a year] in council tax if we charge an extra £45 for a new bin? What is actually included in the council tax apart from the collection? »

Client Gurdeep S. Grewal

“If a truck recovering a gray or red bin damages it in any way, why is the citizen responsible? It is said in the policy,” he added.

Council officers say if their refuse vehicles damage residents’ bins the local authority will provide a new one free of charge.

With the council soon introducing a £50 charge for people wanting to join their green waste collection scheme, questions have been raised about a reduction that could be introduced for state pensioners.

The meeting heard that people can opt out of the service and find other services to pick up their garden waste, share a green bin with someone else or bring it themselves to the waste recycling center for free housekeepers of Chalvey.

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Alongside the proposed bin fee, Slough, like other councils, wants to introduce a fee for people wishing to dispose of their do-it-yourself waste, such as fence panels, kitchen sinks, gravel, etc., at the tip by Chalvey.

Councilors feared people would dump their rubbish elsewhere or burn it in their gardens, creating a fire hazard and affecting air quality.

But state-resident agents don’t tend to tip and are usually hired by unlicensed traders. Experiences from other local authorities show that charges do not lead to a large increase in the number of people burning their waste.

Senior councilors have been urged to scrap gray and red bin fees and introduce a green waste collection discount for state pensioners. This will be debated at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday where a final decision will be made.

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