Private battles in Splatoon 3 have a quit feature for hosts

For game franchises, one of the most important things developers need to do with their ongoing titles is to make each one better than the last. Or, at the very least, match the quality of past games and make the small quality of life changes to show that it’s not 100% the same game as before. For Splatoon, it was very different from anything Nintendo had done in the past, so there would naturally be bumps in the road. But then, with the sequels, they improved dramatically. Splaton 3 is easily the best of all, and it shows in many ways, especially with online play.

In the first two games, it was really difficult to easily connect with friends. The room setup wasn’t the best and sometimes you would end up in a private room that didn’t pair you with the people you were playing with but instead had you play against them! Not cool. However, most of these issues have been resolved, and logging in is easier than ever. But there was a new feature that you might have missed while you were doing private battles.

In an update via Squid Research Labs, they revealed that if you’re the host of a private battle, you can leave the round you’re in mid-battle! As they note in the tweet below, this may be necessary due to the wrong mode being selected, or you forgot to add someone to your party, forgot to put on the correct weapon or gear. , etc. It lets you jump in and start again that way you don’t waste time and stress about a game you might not care about.

It’s a cool feature that will help streamline play with friends. You have to wonder if that puts a little too much power in the hands of the host, as they might leave a game for not-so-pleasant reasons. We’ll have to wait and see how it all pans out.

While the online component of Splaton 3 is better than the previous two titles, there are still some issues that need to be addressed. As pretty much every reviewer and streamer of the game has noted, there are a lot of server communication errors that cause games to end prematurely.

From experience, when we played our very first Territory War in the game, we were faced with a communication error! Nintendo has never been the best when it comes to how they handle online play for certain titles, which is odd since they have a dedicated service called Nintendo Switch Online. Hopefully future updates and improvements can fix this issue.

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