KBR to extend its support for nuclear energy in the UK under a nuclear waste management services contract; Paul Kahn quoted

KBRthe science, technology and engineering company which primarily serves public sector customers, has been awarded a three-year contract by UK Nuclear Waste Services to consult and organize nuclear energy initiatives.

The project will involve KBR conducting program and portfolio assistance such as program management, communication and community engagement effortsthe Houston, Texas-based company said Thursday.

“This work underscores our commitment to an ever-growing and increasingly important area of ​​national critical infrastructure,” remarked Paul KahnPresident of the Government Solutions International branch of KBR.

Kahn added that the effort reflects the company’s aim to synchronize its business activities with safety and sustainability concerns, also saying it represents the next evolution of the company’s growing footprint in the UK. United.

During the contracted work, NWS – an agency under the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority – will in particular tap into the technical knowledge base of KBR’s subsidiary, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, which specializes in nuclear energy.

While KBR is an established name in nuclear energy, its interest and impact in UK nuclear energy is growing and growing rapidly. In 2020, the organization had fewer than 200 team members working on nuclear power projects in the UK, but the number has risen to 850 this year.

The new NWS contract further tasks KBR with the technical design and the creation and execution of the digital and transformation strategy. His team will be involved in various responsibilities defined by the Geological Storage Center.

Earlier this month, KBR was selected to participate in a study to produce a eco-friendly and carbon-neutral ammonia fuel system for a semi-submersible drilling unit operated by Odfjell. Like the NWS contract, this is another of KBR’s sustainability-focused projects.

Regarding its UK-based business, in July KBR announced that it would lead the research and development of self-defense systems, self-recovery cyber defense concepts for the UK Ministry of Defence. This three-year contract was awarded to the aforementioned subsidiary of Frazer-Nash.

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